Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Defiance, OH, Werewolf

From late July to mid-August of 1972, residents of Defiance, OH, reported sightings of a werewolf. The sightings began in the early morning hours on July 25, when a railroad worker was attacked by what he described as a man with an animal's head who carried a two-by-four. The railroad worker was struck on the shoulder and received minor wounds. The werewolf escaped back into the darkness. The werewolf would later attempt to attack two other railroad workers in a similar fashion but they managed to escape the beast.

A woman who lived next to the railroad tracks had a neighbor call the police to advise them that for several nights at around 2:00 AM, something rattled her front door nob and attempted to gain entry into her house. Another woman claimed that something scratched fiercely at her front door. The woman told the police that if whoever it was ever manged to break in that she would shoot it. Other residents reports strange scratching or clawing as if something was trying to gain entrance into their homes as well. Drivers reported seeing it along roadsides. Several residents reported being stalked while walking at night.

Local police dubbed the beast "the wolf man" while most residents tended to call it "the thing". The police took the sightings seriously as one man had been injured in an attack. Descriptions of the beast were all consistent, circa 6-8 ft tall, hairy, having what was described as an "animal's head" with large fangs, dressed in jeans and a shirt, and barefoot with fury feet. The creature was reported to move like a caveman. Interestingly, the beast attacked during a full moon. By mid-August sightings of the werewolf diminished and the beast appeared to have disappeared into the darkness once and for all.

An American Werewolf In Defiance

Defiance, OH, Werewolf

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