Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reversing Candles

Reversing Candles are candles used in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork in reversing spells. Reversing candles come in a variety of styles and forms but most include red candles that have an outer black wax coating. As the candles burn the black wax is burned away or the red wax flows onto the black wax which symbolizes the removing of evil or the overcoming of evil. The only reversing candle that is not a red candle with an outer coating of black wax is the Hoodoo candle or 7-day glass candle variety which are bi-color, half black and half red. For images of reversing candles, click HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Below one will find a good method of burning reversing candles. For the example below I will be using a jumbo size reversing candle.

How To Burn Reversing Candles

Items Needed:

- 1 Jumbo Size Reversing Candle
- Reversing Oil
- Reversing Incense
- Incense Burner
- Reversing Powder Or A Reversing Herb, Such As Agrimony
- Piece Of Aluminum Foil Or A Mirror That One Has Not Looked At (hasn't seen one's self in)
- Coffin Nail
- Knife
- White Emergency Candle (Optional)
- Candle Holder (Optional)
- Black Trash Bag Or Black Cloth & Black Yarn Or String (Optional)
- Bible


Take the knife and cut off the tip of the candle flat so that it can stand straight as the candle will be burned upside down. Carve a new candle tip at the bottom of the candle. Take the coffin nail and carve the name of the person(s) who has is doing the evil backwards, as in the way it would appear if one was looking into the mirror. If one does not know the name of the person(s) then carve a short phrase of intent. Next place the piece of aluminum foil down or mirror down on the workspace. If one is using a mirror then please make sure that it's a mirror one has not looked into, as in a mirror that one has not seen their reflection in. One can purchase mirrors at hobby stores, selecting one and purchasing one without looking into it. It's not difficult at all. Just remember not to look at it when performing the ritual. If one cannot get a hold of a mirror then use a piece of aluminum foil with the shiny-side up. The shiny-side up aluminum foil and mirror will 'reflect back' the evil to the sender. Pray over the candle, visualize and concentrate on one's desire. Dress the candle with reversing oil in an 'away from you' fashion. If one is using aluminum foil then one may want to burn the candle in a candle holder on top of the foil. If one is using a mirror then one can secure the candle to the mirror by dripping the wax from a lit emergency candle on it's surface then setting the candle down so that it stands straight. Light some reversing incense and sprinkle either reversing powder or Agrimony herb in a circle counter-clockwise around the candle. Light the candle, pray once more and concentrate on one's desires. Recite Psalm 64. Let the candle extinguish itself. When the candle has been extinguished, take everything and place it in the black trash bag. If one is using foil then one can fold everything up in the foil, making sure to fold it away from one's self, i.e. fold away, turn around 90 degrees counter-clockwise and fold again, etc. Another method one can use is to wrap everything in black cloth and then tie it up with black yarn or string. One can then take either the trash bag, cloth package, or the foil package out of the house and put it in a trash bin away from one's home. One can also dispose of it at the crossroads, setting it down and then walking away and not looking back. If one is bold enough, one can dispose of it by burying it on the property of the person who is causing the trouble, if that person is known.

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