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A Shtriga in Albanian folklore is a vampiric witch who sucks the blood of children.

Appearance: By day shtriga appear as humans, often old women. At night the shtriga transforms into a flying creature like a bug, fly, or moth.

Lore: Legends of the shtriga likely stem from the Roman strix. The only difference would be the belief that the shtriga transforms into flying creatures other than owls or other birds. Shtriga primarily prey on infants and children. The victims of the shtriga will sicken and die with time unless they are 'cured' by the shtriga spitting in their mouths.

Powers: Shape-shifting

Defense Against Shtriga: Shtriga can only be killed in human form. According to lore, Shtriga can be trapped in a building if a cross made from pig bones is placed on the door. The shtriga can then be killed with relative ease. There is an amulet that can be made to protect one from Shtrigas. The amulet is made from a silver coin and a handkerchief. To make the amulet one must follow a suspected shtriga into the woods. Shtriga often drink too much blood and will routinely retire to the woods so that they can vomit up excess. The silver coin must be dipped in the blood and then wrapped in the handkerchief and carried on the person.


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Jane Diary said...

nice work, but if you wanna be taken seriously, you have to move on from the blog world, and make a real site. i guess, 'cause otherwise you'll be the geeks with a blog instead of the site you go for information.

Doc Conjure said...

@ "Jane Diary"

I didn't ask for, nor do I care to read your opinion. Refrain from commenting further in this thread unless it is on topic. Any further replies that are not on topic will be deleted.

Anonymous said...

Would the shtriga also be vunerable while feeding?

macongoudeau said...

Intresting they used this very folklore on TV program supernatural but it sucked the essence of children making them weak and immune suppressed. will research more.

Anonymous said...

Yeah^ supernatural.. the reason I googled it.. >:3

Anonymous said...

I have hand prints on my window and they are the exact long hand prints of the Striga

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