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To the best of my knowledge, the term Ultraterrestrial was coined by author John A. Keel (The Mothman Prophecies) as a catch-all explanation for all paranormal phenomena. Computer Scientists and Ufologist Jacque Vallee also proposed a similar concept.

A quick google of the term will reveal that most people have no true understanding of the concept Keel was trying to communicate. For example, most references to Ultraterrestrials online are to Extraterrestrials, which is incorrect.

So what did Keel have in mind with regards to Ultraterrestrials? Let me do a quick breakdown:

-They may be composed of energy, inhabiting the spectrum (wavelength) of energy in which we cannot see.

-They me have evolved on this planet, though they are far older than the human race.

-They feed off of humans, though the implication is via the draining of energy and not the consumption of flesh. Keel uses the apt phrase, 'cattle of the gods' when referencing humans as a food source for Ultratterestrials.

-They are telepathic.

-They can temporarily take form or substance which they use to interact with humans.

-They are not extraterrestrials. Instead, Extraterrestrials are merely a 'mask' they wear.

-They are not Demons, as most religious people would interpret them as. The reason why is because 'Demon' is just another mask they wear, just as 'Angel' is.

-They are responsible for all paranormal phenomena. Everything from Bigfoot sightings, Ghosts, UFOs & Aliens, Marian Apparitions, Poltergeists, Fairies, Angels & Demons, Loch Ness Monster & sightings of mysterious creatures, among others, are just the machinations of Ultraterrestrials. The implication is that Ultraterrestrials will appear in such guises as a prelude to feeding off of humans. For example, an Ultraterrestrial may stage a Marian apparition to draw in the hordes of believers who subsequently lift their hands to heaven and out pour their hearts and energy to hungry Ultraterrestrials.

John Keel brought up some good questions that all readers should ponder with regard to paranormal phenomena. There's a lot of 'problems' with paranormal phenomena that the Ultraterrestrial Hypothesis addresses, though such hypothesis can never be proven one way or another.

Here's a list of things to ponder:

-Why no naked ghosts? (Do clothes have souls too?)

-Why does the Virgin Mary always appear beautiful and just like her statues? (The Real Mary lived in a time where there was practically no hygiene, no sunscreen, and let's face it, no dental care.)

-Why is a sulphur smell associated with demon encounters? This belief dates back to the time when people thought Hell was located deep underground, where sulphur is located. We know that Hell is not underground, yet people continue to report the smell of sulphur associated with demonic activity. Why?

-If Bigfoot is merely an unknown creature, then why are there reports of him having glowing eyes and of leaving behind a sulphur smell?

-Angelic encounters are a much beloved and cherished aspect of modern Christianity, yet how come no modern Christian ever realized that the 'beings' they are reporting do not meet the Biblical criteria for Angels?

-The same thing goes with Jesus. There are so many reports of visions or apparitions of Jesus, and they all tend to represent the Jesus we know through art. The problem is that nobody alive today, or even the artists themselves, has seen Jesus. Are Christians again being deceived?

-Why is it that Aliens are reported to be able to walk through walls like ghosts?

These are all fascinating questions which lend some credence to the Ultraterrestrial Hypothesis. But like all paranormal subjects, unless such an hypothesis can be tested and proved, it is ultimately pointless.


Anonymous said...

Wow I believe in ultraterrestrials, I think they may be composed of energy, but are vibrating at frequencies out side human comprehension. We cant see dark matter they may be composed of that perhaps, as Keel said all matter is made of enery and we can only see a small portion of the spectrum so therefore there may be other worlds composed of different forms of matter. They might be like parallel universes, which are supported by quantum theories. The ultraterrestrials might also exist in higher dimensions. I believe they are responsible for all religious, extraterrestrial, and paranormal phenomenon.

Doc Conjure said...

Keel's concept of Ultraterrestrials involved them living alongside us, though in perhaps a higher dimension or different wavelengths in which we can't percieve. This would rule out dark matter, or parallel universes. Otherwise, your belief tends to match Keel's concept of Ultraterrestrials.

With regards to the various forms they are believed to manifest in, I'm reminded by the line from Indrid Cold in the movie, The Mothman Prophecies:

Klein: What do you look like?

Cold: It depends upon who's looking.

Everytime I have watched the movie, those words sent chills up my spine.

The tagline for the movie is quite apt;

"What do you see?"

Plus that grey alien hiding behind the bathroom door scared the crap out of me! (If you missed it, look for the scene the next time you watch the film. John Klein is going into the bathroom and as he walks by there is a freaking bug-eyed alien hiding behind the door! It's real fast so you got to catch it.

Researcher said...

Cheers for the explanation, am currently trying to get a better understanding of the idea. Have believed the UT theory makes more sense for a while now, even if there's some things I think push it a bit too much. (feeding off Humans, etc, even though it could be the case.)

Will have to read some Keel and Vallee to get a better idea of the whole thing, but at the same time I think it's possible we can have UT's and ET's, not just one or the other. Also that one day we might finally suss out what's happening.

Cheers again anyway.

Sakib said...

My only response to this wonderful article is jinn. They are invisible, have powers that humans don't such as teleporting, shapeshifting, possessing people and animals and who knows what else. Also they have been present on this planet far longer than the human race, so it makes sense that they are more technologically advanced. Think about UFOs? Who says they come from outer space just because they fly into the sky? Just like we have cars, the jinn have some sort of weird advanced transport.

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