Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Werewolf/Dog Man Reported In Oklahoma

This video and link concerns a witness who claimed sightings of a being that looked like a coyote walking around on it's back legs, like a human, at night.


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Unknown said...

When I read that she heard 'pig squealing' my jaw dropped because about 5-6 years ago, I heard the same type of thing twice in 1 night, my mom, and youngest brother heard it, too. I live in the NorthEast part of Oklahoma and have been trying for years to identify the sound but with no luck. My story is this: I was outside about 1030pm one spring night, taking photos of a spider using my flash at the end of my parents long porch. I live in a small town and had turned off all the porch lights. I felt like I was being watched and looked south (where I was facing) and saw nothing but shivered because it felt creepy out there (not the first time I ever felt this way outside where I live) so I continued on taking photos. Then I heard it, a pig squeal - horse neigh mix of something tall behind my brothers' (I have 2) Russian Olive Trees which where about 5-7' tall moving. I very carefully acted like I didn't hear it and made my way back inside the house, told my dad (he was asleep on the couch) but mom heard me talking so we stepped on the porch. We heard it again from behind my brothers' house and then a few seconds later my youngest brother (who'd heard it from the kitchen) came out with a flashlight and saw us on the porch and asked us if we'd heard it. I told him yes twice now. We walked over and he went inside to get his gun, we walked out towards the backyard where the chickens were penned up. They were all scared and one hen had 'laid' an egg and the egg was all over her. They were pretty spooked by something. We had other oddities before and after that incident. But the sound of that pig squeal noise burned into my mind forever.

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