Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Paranormal Scholar - The Satanic Black Mass

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Anonymous said...

do satanists get on anyone else's nerves?

if you break things down, basically EVERYONE can be full of "s". It all depends on one's perspective, environment, and personal beliefs.

Here's the thing - satanists hate christianity. but they are supposed to be atheists (not to be confused with Luciferians). so their black mass is sort of a joke, if you think about it. yes, it is a shocking and evil ritual to some. but most christians, i think, would be 'ho hum' about it.

what i DO like about satanism is their attitude about mankind and its primal urges. it's all around us - sexual lust, the longing to be beautiful, popular, rich, or merely loved. we are all weak - we are just animals, although much more intelligent and specialized in some ways than all the others. so yes, we have urges, lust, jealousy, and so on.

but on the other hand, isn't that the point of, say, catholocism (here is where christian sects differ). catholics believe man is flawed, challenged, tempted, but can always return to grace.

so anyone can spin ANYTHING to make it sound legit. but satanists bother me because their existence is meant to be in OPPOSITION to something else. that is certainly understandable, but somehow, stupid. people are free now to choose their moral code, for the most part. satanism and its attitude are passe.

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