Saturday, January 7, 2017

Humanity Only Has 100 Days After Zombie Outbreak

Math experts have concluded that if a zombie apocalypse were to actually take place that humanity only has about a 100 days from the outbreak before civilization is destroyed.

Film Of Best UFO Sighting Of The Decade Released

Chilean authorities released footage from a UFO sighting that took place in 2014. The object that was filmed did not appear on multiple radar systems and appeared to give off an exhaust of extremely hot air or liquid. The identity of the object remains unknown.

Man Who Caused Several Wrecks Says Devil Made Him Do It

A man who caused several wrecks and then fled from the scene has blamed the Devil for his actions.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

'Charmed' Reboot In The Works For The CW

It's been announced today that the CW has officially ordered a script for a reboot of the witchy t.v show, Charmed. The series revolved around three sisters who discovered that they were powerful witches meant to take on the forces of evil.

The reboot will have a twist. It is set in a New England town in 1976!

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