Thursday, December 15, 2016

Python Used For Witchcraft Found

A juvenile python was found in the backyard of a Miami-Dade home. What makes this case unique was that someone had sewn the poor snake's mouth shut. It's been speculated that this animal abuse was done as part of witchcraft.

I agree with the speculation that this was done as part of black magic. Due to the city where this occurred, the witch who did this more than likely has a background in Santeria or Voodou. The snake would be symbolic of an enemy and the sewing of it's mouth would doom the snake to a slow and torturous death from starvation. It would have been done in the belief that as the snake suffered, weakened and then died so shall the enemy as well. Now, it is true that usually items are place inside the snake before the mouth was sewn shut. These items would be along the lines of personal effects and possibly a petition paper. Not much else would have been used as it is difficult to get the snake to swallow such items. It's also important for the snake to remain alive during the ritual as the purpose would be to create a slow weakening and death over time. In the article they mention that nothing else was found inside the snake. I would add that it's possible the snake has already defecated any items it was made to swallow. Another possibility is that the items are still in the python's digestive track. A python's stomach takes up a very large portion of the body and it would be very easy for someone to overlook items inside it. Special attention should be made to see if the snake defecates anything of importance.

This is an example of hardcore witchcraft and should be a reminder that there are evil people in this world. This is not just a revenge spell. This is not justified work. It's a death spell. The person(s) who performed this witchcraft are among the types of insane people whose retaliation against perceived slights is far more severe than the situation calls for. I can guarantee you that the witch who performed this spell was not a newbie and has probably done far worse things to animals as part of their witchcraft. I sincerely hope that the person responsible for this abuse is found and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I can almost guarantee you that if or when the guilty party is found that it will be revealed that there were many unexplained animal disappearances and/or mutilations in their general area.

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