Sunday, October 30, 2016

THE WITCHING HOUR - Witchcraft Documentary

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Anonymous said...

People fear the word witch because witches are evil doers. They are the traditional satanists. Simple as that. It makes me ill that these people have 'adopted' the word as a badge of honour. And they pillage from folk traditions, magic, whatever you want to call it and slap the word 'witch' on it and deny, God, the saints, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I'm not a practitioner of Voodoo, Hoodoo or the like but anybody who knows the real history (the lessons you can't learn in a Amazon ordered book) of folk traditions knows that the real power comes from HIS word.

They take up this label to 'honour' those who died and were persecuted in Salem, through Europe etc but those people they're 'honouring' would TURN IN THEIR GRAVES to be called witches. They would have lit the fire themselves against you self acclaimed witches!

If you call yourself a witch you are claiming kinship with those who made contracts with demons, sacrificed living souls and turned the saints. From my heart, there are only two paths to 'real magic'

One is through God and the other is through the devil. Be careful who you sell your soul.

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