Saturday, October 1, 2016

Pagan Origins of Judaism


Anonymous said...

Well it's about damn time you included Jews! Thank-you! I shake the hand of the Rabbi with his worn gold ring on his right finger last October. At this moment, I see in my mind’s eye his back handing of his wife, striking her across her face. She is laying on the floor in their home, staring up at him, hurt in her teary eyes. This year, his wife has a damaged eye socket and infected cyst in her right eye. She cannot see well and doesn’t want to attend shul (temple). This man will be part of a Beit Din(judging panel of 3) to decide if my Jewish blood and conversion classes I paid for are sufficient to declare me an official Jewess. Yet, I am told no matter what, many Jews will never accept me as their own. I am torn.

Without a long wonderful life story full of remarkable other worldly stories to share, I find your site does not represent the Jewish path. Is this because Jews are considered utterly non Pagan? A religion existing continually for almost 6,000 years has no representation on your site? Let me enlighten you, with all respect.

Did you know on the eve of Yom Kippur, one must sacrifice a rooster or hen, depending on one’s gender, to atone for a very bad offense? Did you know the story of the daughter who took the family’s household deity (thing small G for this) when she was matched with a husband she did not want. Her father was ever so angry. When he came to retrieve the item, which was traditionally fashioned from the bones(I won’t tell you more for fear of misinterpretations), the daughter sat on the item so her father could not discover it. Then of course are the incredibly intricate requirements of purification and offerings by the high priests, called the Kohanim Gadol. Yes, it routinely involved the killing and burning of animals, all manner of animal. So you see, Jewish people, beliefs and ancient customs, however Kadosh (holy) they are, should be included on your site. These facts are easily verified if one wanted to read enough.

Doc Conjure said...

@ Anonymous,

This blog really focuses on "monsters" with paranormal on the side. There are many Jewish fables of monsters, Lilith, Golem, Dybbuk, Leviathan, Broxa, etc., which if I haven't covered yet I will eventually get to. Yes, I'm aware that certain Jews still perform animal sacrifice. Certain Muslims and even some Christian sects do as well.

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