Friday, September 23, 2016

Ryan Buell Arrested, Charged With Theft, Accusations He Faked Cancer

Paranormal State host and paranormal celebrity, Ryan Buell, has been arrested and charged with felony theft, receiving of stolen property, and misdemeanor theft of service. Since the time that Paranormal State went off the air there were numerous accusations that Buell took money for appearances he did not keep and merchandise he did not send. Additionally, there are accusations that he faked having pancreatic cancer.

Buell's mother even posted on his Facebook page asking people not to send him money and added that he was sick and needed help.

Buell, who came out as bisexual in his 2010 autobiography, Paranormal State: My Journey Into The Unknown, has gone through a drastic change in appearance that some believe may be due to substance abuse and addiction.

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