Tuesday, April 26, 2016

UFOs & Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed (2016)

I just got through watching this documentary. I was previously interested in interviews the author of the book by the same title and creator of this documentary gave.

The premise is very simply. UFOs are attracted to places with nuclear capabilities or places where nuclear weapons are stored. The public is being kept in the dark. Multiple military witnesses have been hushed but many have come forward. Incidents have been confirmed on radar and have even been filmed, though the evidence was later confiscated.

You can watch an excerpt of the documentary below:

Now for the hard part. I was not that impressed with the documentary. I thought too much old military footage was shown and not enough interviews with eye-witnesses. I felt that important cases were glossed over and was not impressed with the length of the documentary. It should have been longer in my opinion. However, the one thing that always bugs me about Hastings is his insistence of telling his opinion, or the alleged opinion of the witnesses, of the motivations of the "UFO occupants". Hastings always assumes the "occupants" are benevolent and their actions are warnings for us to stop using nuclear power and to dismantle our nuclear weapons. I disagree with Hastings completely and would disagree with the witnesses who also believe this to be true. For one, Hastings and the witnesses are assuming there are occupants to these crafts and that these occupants are in control. There may very well be occupants inside them but from my viewpoint they are not in control. From my viewpoint these craft are examples of an advanced artificial intelligence, a machine-based intelligence. Second, the actions of these craft seem quite straightforward to me. They are analyzing our defense capabilities. There's no need to invoke benevolent "space brothers" who are looking out for us.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give this documentary a 6.

You can rent the documentary on Vimeo by clicking on the link below:


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