Thursday, April 28, 2016

The disappearance and suspicious water death of Joey Labute (March-April 2016 )


Anonymous said...

Smiley Face, again! I do not think the theory of a Smiley Face Killer (or Killers) is unarguably 100% proven, but it can't be written off at all as a fluke!

This is crazy! And scary - to think the interstates are a conduit of murder.

It should be noted that the Union Grill in the Short North neighborhood of Columbus is gay friendly. LaBute's friend, interviewed, is likely gay, and we can assume LaBute is as well. Does this have something to do with everything? Was the killer targeting a gay person? Was LaBute lured by the promise of a sexual liason, then attacked and killed?

Doc Conjure said...

@ Anonymous on May 5, 2016 at 11:38 AM,

Joey LaBute was gay. There has been speculation of a hate crime but the fact that there was no trauma to the body tends to rule that out.

Even though I included this with the label of "Smiley Face Killers", there really is no proof for such theory. The overwhelming majority of the deaths associated to this alleged group of serial killers are in fact accidental drownings. In most cases the victim as drunk, attempted to walk home and fell into a nearby body of water and drowned. Of all the case only 2 show signs of being a homicide. There were also many suicides as well. Joey LaBute, in my opinion, was murdered but there is no proof that his case is linked to any other suspicious drowning death.

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