Sunday, April 24, 2016

Legends Of The Flatwoods Monsters (2002)

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Sparrow 13 said...

My mother knew the guys who saw the Flatwoods Monster. The way she told it: she was college-age, home visiting her mother (my grandma Beamer) in Newville, West Virginia -- a tiny community in Braxton County, about 15 miles from Flatwoods. When the bright light passed over, Grandma was on the porch; she yelled out "Oh my God, come and look at this!" My mom and Aunt June ran out to the porch and watched something big and bright and enigmatic zoom over the house and off into the distance.

The rest of the story had gotten all over the county by the next day. My mom was friendly with the May and Hyer families, so she got an eyewitness earful. The story she heard was the same as the one reported, with one extra detail: at least one of the kids who saw the thing, *peed in his pants* when it started moving toward them!

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