Monday, April 18, 2016

KILLER REVEALED "Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey?" 2015 Documentary

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Anonymous said...

I hated this case back in the 1990s, for several reasons:

-saturation: it was everywhere, but not as bad as Orenthal's case (I just can't use his initials since I am so sick of those two letters together).

-child festish: they kept showing clips of Jon Benet's pageant videos, where she was prancing around in her outfits and makeup - I always thought that it wrong on some level, to show these clips, as well as to have a child participate in beauty contests in the first place!

-the parents: something always bothered me about the mother especially (well, any female that has her child involved in stuff like beauty pageants is not "right" in my book, as a father who pushes his son in sports may not be - but I do not condemn anyone).

Having said that, I am GLAD I watched this documentary (thanks to the Demoniacal! The video is available on youtube, but I would never have thought to search/view anything on Jon Benet).

It has put my mind to rest - there was no "abduction". I think one of the scariest things ever is a stranger in your home, lurking around while you sleep - in the Jon Benet case, there was no intruder!

I believe what the detective near the end of the documentary stated at the press conference: that the mother killed the poor girl, and made up some bizarre story with a ridiculous ransom note, and so on.

I think that over time, an assailant CONVINCES him/herself of his/her innocence, and that Patsy had done just that. Her almost defiance to questioning wreaked of covered-up guilt, to me anyway.

That poor little girl, though - a tool for her mother's self-glorification...and having to endure belittlement because of the bed-wetting problem, then abuse, and then death by an impact to her head.

Patsy was scum.

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