Friday, January 22, 2016

Bratton, Ernest "Dr. Buzzard"

Back in the 1980s there was a root doctor active in the Alexandria, Va, area who billed himself as "Dr. Buzzard" (real name Ernest Bratton). Bratton claimed to have the power to cure or kill, though he publicly claimed he would not use his powers to kill anyone. He charged a considerable sum for his services and most likely would have been arrested had he been active today as among other things he claimed to cure cancer and AIDS for $21,000. He also gave guarantees.

Bratton claimed that among his clientele were many powerful politicians and celebrities. He also claimed that he was a frequent guest on various t.v. shows, such as the Letterman Show, as well as made numerous media appearances.

Ernest Bratton was alive and in his late 70s in 2009, which is the last I can find reference to him. I am unable to determine if he is still alive at the present.

Bratton produced a VHS video titled, "Voo Doo Hoo Doo You Do", in which he taught viewers hoodoo lessons. If anyone has a copy of this and would be interested in selling it or trading something for it, please email me a

Below are some articles featuring Ernest "Dr. Buzzard" Bratton. Pay close attention to the first link. You will notice lots of references to the classic items used in hoodoo, all before the revival of hoodoo by Cat Yronwode in the mid 90s.) I also like his style of remedies. For example, his concoction to restore a man's nature is 2 brown eggs beaten with 7-Up and drunk for 12 days. The 7-Up was likely picked over the fact that the number 7 is considered lucky, that soda is "alive" with effervescence, and that the beverage is clear. His other remedy involves eating an onion immediately after copulation! Of all his works listed his death work is the one that interests me the most. You take a cow's horn, graveyard dirt, a golden eye needle, and a lemon. You insert the needle in the lemon, and then the graveyard dirt and lemon-with-needle into the cow horn. Obviously, Bratton has not revealed the entire trick for safety reasons and to prevent other people from rushing out to try to use it themselves. However, a conjure worker with "eyes to see" and "ears to hear", will know what to do or will at least be spirit-led into discovering the remaining parts.,5137918&hl=en

Thursday, January 14, 2016

THE X-FILES | Re-Opened

David Bowie Was A Semi-Secret Occultist

In a 1997 interview Bowie admitted his interest in occult magic. He didn't like Crowley but he was fascinated with Arthur Edward Waite and Dione Fortune.

Note the 1976 picture of him drawing the Kabbalah tree of life on the floor.

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