Wednesday, October 21, 2015

GnosticWarrior - Asatru: The Way Of Our Ancestors


Larry said...

I am an asatruar. ( my religion is Asatru) have been for over 10 years. This asshole Stephen mcnallen does not speak for all of us. Not even most of us. He is a racist. We are not all racists most of us do not tolerate racisim at our gatherings. Somehow this moron got to be the public face of our religion and has ended up doing as much harm to us as good

Doc Conjure said...

@ Larry,

I've not even listened to this interview so I had no idea he was an alleged racist. This said, Asatru and the whole Heathen faith do have racists and bad people involved, just like every religion does.

Anonymous said...

Larry, where in this video is it indicated that he is a racist? can you point out where on the timescale - I want to jump to those parts.

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