Thursday, June 11, 2015

Soaked In Bleach (2015) Opens Today!

The film, Soaked in Bleach, will premiere tonight in select theaters across the nation and became available early this morning for viewing online and downloading at Vimeo.

After seeing the film before going to bed last night, I can honestly recommend that anyone who is a Nirvana or Kurt Cobain fan, as well as anyone who is into real life crime dramas should see it. The movie does a great job of showing all the weirdness that abounded in the days after Kurt Cobain left a rehab center and before his body was discovered. 

As readers may know, this is a subject that is dear to my heart. My hope is that before I die that Kurt be able to receive justice. I did not begin my journey thinking that Kurt was murdered. Instead, I just accepted what the media and police stated, that Kurt had killed himself. It wasn't until late 1996 that I finally read the material of Tom Grant and realized that he was telling the truth. The SPD rushed into the case, made a rash announcement that it was suicide, did a bang up investigation, and now simply refuses to admit they made a mistake. The result is that a murder victim has been denied justice and the killers have been allowed to go free. 

The killers are, in my opinion and in the opinion of P.I. Tom Grant, Courtney Love and her ex-boyfriend-turned-live-in-male-nanny, Michael "Cali" DeWitt. The movie does a good job of showing how the two of them knew that Kurt was never missing and that Kurt was lying dead in the greenhouse. Not only did they murder Kurt, but they acted to protect each other and conspired to deceive the police, media and public. 

The motive was money. Courtney was facing a divorce. Kurt wanted out of the marriage and was having a new will drawn up that excluded her. They had a prenup so if the divorce was finalized then Courtney would have walked away with little to nothing of Kurt's wealth, which has been estimated to be a billion dollars with future royalties. So she conspired with Cali to kill Kurt. After Kurt died she paid Cali 30 grand and then they separated and went their own ways. 

If you happen to be in a city with a showing of this film, do give it a watch. Otherwise, view it on Vimeo. I'm sure it will open your eyes to the truth that Courtney Love doesn't want you to know. Kurt Cobain was murdered. 

For more information, read my timeline on Kurt Cobain's death at the following link:

Note: Courtney Love has never sued anyone for slander or libel for accusing her of murdering her husband. If she sued anyone she would be open to being deposed and would be forced to answer questions she does not want to answer.

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