Thursday, June 11, 2015

Kurt Cobain - "The Truth"

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Anonymous said...

This is great. I had no idea there was turbulence in Nirvana between the guys even before "In Utero". All those years ago, I was enjoying the surge of alternative rock, with all these great bands (Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, STP, etc.). FINALLY - radio would play distorted guitars, and heaviness!

I did not have such a fancy for Nirvana as I started to a few years ago. I remember why - back in their heydey, they just seemed like jerks. I don't have animosity towards them, and frankly, if I had been aware of the feud with Axl Rose, I would have LOVED Kurt and Courtney! But I was just burned out on hearing their singles ("Lithium" and "Come as You Are", especially!).

This is a fun documentary. Despite what others thought at the time, I think Courtney was incredibly beautiful. That messy mop of blond hair, and what looked like a wardrobe found in a trunk discovered in an attic...were just cool!

I love the 90s - the weird thing is, Kurt's death was 1994 - there was still another ten years of great alternative rock music to come from many other bands (Stabbing Westward, Fuel, Godsmack, and so on), before that "wave" faded.

Think about it, though - what more could Kurt have done beyond "In Utero"? He did not like fame. He did not like grandiose living (unlike Courtney). He was true to musical roots (even saying Pearl Jam sucks because they weren't punk-influenced). Chances are, unfortunately, he may have faded into obscurity, with an inevitable backlash the public throws to heroes whose style, look, or ethos does not translate to a new generation. (REM seemed to have attracted scorn a few years ago with a new release, for being 'irrelevant'). I hate people, but yes, I think this would have been true for Kurt, as most would not have been kind to him.

Thank you for posting this amazing documentary.

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