Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Did The FBI Investigate Courtney Love For The Death Of Kristen Pfaff?

Off and on for several years an anonymous poster has posted comments to online boards and forums claiming that she was the ex-girlfriend of Jason Pfaff, Kristen Pfaff's brother. Kristen Pfaff was the original bassist for Hole and died about 2 months after Kurt Cobain. According to this anonymous poster, Jason Pfaff allegedly told her that after his sister died the FBI came out and interviewed him for hours. Interestingly, Jason allegedly claimed that the FBI seemed to be focused on Courtney Love and spent the time asking questions about her and her relationship to Kristen. Was the FBI secretly investigating Courtney Love? 

The Pfaff family rejects the official cause of death from the SPD. The Pfaff family has gone on record saying they believe that Courtney Love had something to do with Kristen's death. 

Courtney Love and Kristen Pfaff fought constantly. Courtney Love constantly accused her of sleeping with Kurt Cobain. 

Finally, when the SPD returned the possessions of Kristen to her mother, her mother discovered that her diary had been tampered with. The pages for the week that Kurt was missing and up to when his body was discovered had been torn out. It makes one wonder what information was included in those missing pages?

You can read one post from the woman claiming to be an ex-girlfriend of Jason Pfaff at the link below. Scroll down unto you get to the time stamp that reads, "10/26/2014 02:25 PM"

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