Friday, June 19, 2015

Courtney Love On Why Kurt Cobain "Killed Himself"

Note: The story Courtney tells about talking to Kurt about him dropping Frances on her head is a lie. Courtney was forbidden from speaking to Kurt while he was in rehab.


Anonymous said...

I just can't help but think how beautiful I thought she was - before she went all Frankenstein .

Doc Conjure said...

@ Anonymous at 12:03 am on June 30, 2015,

This was 1995 at the start of her "glamour" phase where she decided she no longer wanted to be a rock star and wanted to be a Hollywood actress. Courtney really only cared about fame and not music. So if she could be famous as an actor she would gladly turn her back on her music. She only returned to music when her acting career went bust. Now she's trying to get into t.v. but, again, it's not going to work.

She is a filthy, disgusting murderer. Her fake ass crocodile tears and lies should't fool anyone but she does. Almost the entire world is fooled by this demon.

Anonymous said...

See...I'm not so sure. I mean, public opinion can paint anyone or anything into something it isn't. People ADORE John Lennon. I won't say why (but people would probably guess), but I do not like him - not at all (and I'm restraining myself). But he has cultural deity status, pretty much.

Similarly, for world politics. I stick up for the United States, but I also do for, say, Iran. Well, 'empathize', or 'try to see their point of view' is more accurate than "sticking up for" Iran.

Your comment made me laugh, though! She pretty much brought this on herself. But maybe I'm getting old - my mental jury is 'hung' on this, and I have grown to feel sorry for her. Yes, she is diabolical - and the way she treated people in the documentary on her former drummer Patti made me sick (I forget the film title),. She just went wacky by being picked on, neglected, and bullied in her youth. I think she was called "ugly". Girls can be incredibly mean to other girls.

Doc Conjure said...

@ Anonymous at 10:22 PM on June 20,

Nope. She did it. She hired a hit man to kill her husband. The number of people who still don't know anything about the case simply frustrates me. Courtney Love is a murdered. She was facing a divorce and Kurt was having her written out of his will. Because of their prenup, she would only get a very small settlement. So she hired a hit man to kill Kurt so she could have have everything. His estate was estimated, with future royalties, to be over a billion dollars. She wasn't going to let Kurt ruin her chances of living the high life so she killed him for his money. We even know who she payed to do it, the male live-in nanny, Michael "Cali" DeWitt. After Kurt's death she admitted she gave Cali 30 grand. There's evidence that both Courtney and Cali knew Kurt was dead in the greenhouse before his body was officially discovered.

There's a new documentary out called Soaked in Bleach.

Also, I wrote a timeline of the strange events surrounding Kurt Cobain death that you should read at the below link.

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