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Charlie, a.k.a. Mexican Charlie, is an alleged spirit or demon from Mexico that can answer questions if the proper ritual is carried out.

Appearance: Unknown. There are no reported sightings of Charlie.

Lore: According to the urban legend, in order to summon Charlie to have him answer questions you must have a piece of paper and two pencils. Candles and even a doll can also be used but are not vital to the ritual. On the piece of paper draw a large "+". In the upper left corner write the word "yes". In the upper right corner write the "no". In the lower left corner write the word "no". In the lower right corner write the word "yes". Take the two pencils and place one down on the vertical arm of the cross. Take the second pencil and balance it horizontally along the horizontal line of the cross. Next, chant the following twice:

"Charlie, Charlie, can we play?"

If the pencils move then it is a sign from Charlie that he is present and will answer yes or no questions. The pencil will point to either "yes" or "no" on the paper. To end the game you must chant the following twice:

"Charlie, Charlie, can we stop?"

If the answer is "yes" then you can safely stop and discard the paper and pencils. If the answer is no or the pencil doesn't move then wait a while before asking to stop again.

According to the original urban legend from Mexico, Charlie is the spirit of a Mexican boy who committed suicide. However, due to the influence of Christianity, which teaches that ghosts are in fact demons, it is now most popularly believed that Charlie is an actual demon.

Powers: Charlie can answer questions and foretell the future.

Defense Against Charlie: Despite people getting scared during the ritual, Charlie has to date never hurt a single person.

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UPDATE: It's been revealed that "Charlie" is in fact a hoax, and was a publicity stunt for a movie called, "The Gallows".

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