Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Att: Readers

Due to a change in my day job hours I will not be able to blog daily as I did before nor will I continue to blog multiple blog entries a day. I will attempt to blog when I am able as well as write more alphabetical entry posts.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Doc -
Recently learned about St. Expedite, but I was following a different way of petitioning him. Your post about how to reach him is very helpful and detailed. I was told to burn a green and white candle for money. In the hoodoo tradition, I was taught that you place things of meaning to you on the altar. Also, they didn't say what kind of candle to burn. I can't leave candles burn unattended, can you snuff them out and do again. They are almost gone, do I continue with new candles? Do I even need a green one? Should I just start over? Also, I was told to never throw anything in the crossroads as that's where the demonic forces are. Remains should be thrown in the trash, or buried if white magic or in the lake if dark. I am now so confused.
I am also on day 3 of a novena, which I say after I petition him every day and light my candles. I was told never to ask him to do anything dark as he will turn it back on you.
Sorry for all the questions, but need some advice on the correct way to petition him. I did notice that if I ask him if he hears my prayer, the white candle flame begins a dance.
Thanks so much

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