Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Roswell Slides To Be Unveiled Today

Today, May 5, 2015, "Cinco de Mayo", is the unveiling of the infamous "Roswell Slides" in Mexico City.

It's been an interesting journey and the process has exposed many Roswell researchers and Ufologists as being not credible or outright liars. From almost the start, shady characters such as Don Schmitt, who was busted lying about his education and employment and Jaime Maussan, who has promoted dozens of hoaxes, have been involved. Even Tom Carey who had a relatively good reputation in the field has been busted lying by claiming that they (the group promoting the slides) didn't invent the term "Roswell Slides" and that it was the debunkers who coined the phrase. This is an outright lie as Tom Carey made the rounds in interviews promoting his book, "Inside The Real Area 51", while dropping the bombshell that he had the "smoking gun" of Roswell and would soon present it.

Now we have Richard Dolan on board. Dolan has supported psychic mediums and defended Stan Romanek when he was busted with child porn. Dolan is trying to pretend that he is neutral. Well, when you are getting paid you can't pretend to be neutral, sorry. So it's obvious that Dolan is only doing it for the money.

The Roswell Slides is almost assuredly a hoax. By hoax I mean that it's not what it is presented to be. The people promoting it have no evidence to back up their claims. The motive appears to be to make as much money as possible while allowing the audience to decide for themselves what the slides show. This is a bull shit circus and carnival tactic. I hope the public wakes up to the fact that Ufology is filled with con artists and hucksters. However, knowing the public this whole thing will go down like "Alien Autopsy 2.0". In fact, instead of paying to see the live web cast or documentary, just do a re-watch of the Alien Autopsy fiasco of 1995 below. Because the "Roswell Slides" are as just as much of a hoax as the Alien Autopsy video was.

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