Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Much Hyped "Roswell Slides" Event Flops

The "Roswell Slides" event in Mexico City yesterday was a failure according to witnesses. Tom Carey apparently bumbled and fumbled throughout his speech, as if he wasn't prepared. Don Schmitt allegedly did little talking, probably a calculating move to put all the heat on Tom Carey. Richard Dolan didn't allegedly speak until later after everyone left the stage. Dr. Edgar Mitchell and Carol Rosin were no shows.  Most importantly, there was no evidence provided to prove their claims that the being in the picture is an alien, let alone an alien from the Roswell Crash.

You can view the slide below:

Many skeptics, including me, have pointed out that this being looks exactly like a mummified child. There was no evidence provided that ruled out it being a mummified child and so it could very well be a mummified child.

Don Schmitt's reputation has been destroyed, but it had been destroyed years before with all his lies about his education and career.

Tom Carey's reputation and credibility has been destroyed. He now comes across as bumbling idiot, a puppet who Don Schmitt manipulates at will.

Richard Dolan should receive criticism for even attaching his name to this crapfest.

Jaime Maussan has promoted so many hoaxes that his name has almost become synonymous with hoax.

Paul Hellyer, who spoke in place of Dr. Edgar Mitchell, has made all kinds of nutty and unsubstantiated claims about UFOs for years now.

And all the other people behind the scenes who didn't show their face, like Anthony Bragalia and the rest of the members of the "Roswell Dream Team", are all discredited as well

So I hope my readers learn the lesson from this. That lesson is that Ufology is filled with con artists, hoaxers and hucksters that are not above putting monetary gain above any desire for truth and honesty.

FYI: Hucksters Don Schmitt and Tom Carey will most likely try to write a book on this. Please don't give these con artists a single dime of your money.

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