Monday, May 4, 2015

Glenn Dennis, Roswell Witness, Has Died

Glenn Dennis, who rose to fame after coming forward in 1989 with his claims of being a Roswell crash witness while working as a mortician in Roswell in 1947, has died.

Dennis' basic story is that he was called by someone from the base who wanted to know if he had any hermetically sealed children caskets. Dennis, assuming there had been a bad accident, went to the base hospital where he saw some Roswell debris sticking out of a vehicle. He then went inside for a while before being roughly escorted out. Later he would meet up with a female friend who worked at the base who allegedly told him that she had seen bodies that weren't human. She then drew him a picture of one of the creatures on a napkin and then burned it. She was later transferred elsewhere and allegedly soon died.

The problem with Dennis is that his stories changed with time. They grew in detail. Also, Dennis admitted that he lied to investigators. He claimed he was trying to protect the identity of his female fried but in actuality he didn't need to do lie in order to do that.

Glen Dennis went on to become a founding member of the International UFO Museum in Roswell, NM.

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