Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Today Is The 21 Year Anniversary Of The Death Of Kurt Cobain

Twenty-one years ago today Kurt Cobain was likely murdered. Although it's believed he died on April 5, 1994, his body would not be discovered until April 8, 1994, when Courtney Love hired an electrician to work on the greenhouse.

To learn of all the strange things that were going on in the days before and after Kurt's death, things that indicate a potential murder, read my timeline at the below link.

Allan Handleman Show - Mysterious Death Of Kurt Cobain (2004)

Allan Handleman Show - Kurt Cobain's Death (2009)

Allan Handleman Show - Tom Grant On The Death Of Kurt Cobain Update (2011)

Unsolved Mysteries - Kurt Cobain (1997)

Court TV - Kurt Cobain Murder Inquiry (2004)

R.I.P. Kurt. The truth will come out.

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