Friday, April 24, 2015

Roswell Slides Update - Liars, Money Grabbers & The "Real" Pictures

More breaking news concerning the Roswell Slides:

In a recent interview, Tom Carey and Don Schmitt claimed they never claimed the slides were connected to the Roswell crash. Tom Carey then when on to say that "debunkers" created the term "Roswell Slides". This is an outright lie. Tom Carey has for a year made the rounds on various radio shows and podcasts promoting their book, "Inside The Real Area 51", while teasing the audience with claims that he and Don now have "the smoking gun" of Roswell. I really hope this lie told by Tom allows people to see what a con this whole thing is.
You can hear Tom Carey lie in the following video. Just fast forward to circa the 1:04:00 mark.

Richard Dolan has now announced that he has joined the circus and will be present to speak at the May 5th event in Mexico City. I seriously doubt Mr. Dolan will be speaking for free which means that Dolan is being paid. So we have yet another case of a Ufologist putting money first over any potential threat to their credibility. Then again, Mr. Dolan has no credibility at all outside of Ufology. Do I need to remind people that Dolan came out to defend Stan Romanek when he was busted with child porn? You can't sink lower than that in my book.!The-SoCalled-Roswell-Slides-and-Mexico-City-Why-I-am-Going/c1q8z/897B8072-98CF-434D-A883-1D9C2AC1D821

It's also been announced that the actual slides will not be revealed during the May 5th event. Instead, they are just going to show copies of the real slides. This is yet a further sign that this whole event is a huge load of b.s.

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