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Roswell Slides Update - Liars, Money Grabbers & The "Real" Pictures

More breaking news concerning the Roswell Slides:

In a recent interview, Tom Carey and Don Schmitt claimed they never claimed the slides were connected to the Roswell crash. Tom Carey then when on to say that "debunkers" created the term "Roswell Slides". This is an outright lie. Tom Carey has for a year made the rounds on various radio shows and podcasts promoting their book, "Inside The Real Area 51", while teasing the audience with claims that he and Don now have "the smoking gun" of Roswell. I really hope this lie told by Tom allows people to see what a con this whole thing is.
You can hear Tom Carey lie in the following video. Just fast forward to circa the 1:04:00 mark.

Richard Dolan has now announced that he has joined the circus and will be present to speak at the May 5th event in Mexico City. I seriously doubt Mr. Dolan will be speaking for free which means that Dolan is being paid. So we have yet another case of a Ufologist putting money first over any potential threat to their credibility. Then again, Mr. Dolan has no credibility at all outside of Ufology. Do I need to remind people that Dolan came out to defend Stan Romanek when he was busted with child porn? You can't sink lower than that in my book.!The-SoCalled-Roswell-Slides-and-Mexico-City-Why-I-am-Going/c1q8z/897B8072-98CF-434D-A883-1D9C2AC1D821

It's also been announced that the actual slides will not be revealed during the May 5th event. Instead, they are just going to show copies of the real slides. This is yet a further sign that this whole event is a huge load of b.s.

Opperman Report Aftershow - Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain, Grateful Dead & MORE!!!!

Opperman Report - 10 29, 2014 FBI war on Tupac Shakur - John Potash

Panel Discussion at MUFON Symposium

John Schuessler Presents “Unconventional Flying Objects:The Body of Technological Evidence.”

Podcast UFO - David Marler Interview, Triangle UFOs and More 4/15/15

Podcast UFO - Interview with Ray Stanford, UFO Footage, Socorro and More! 04-22-2015

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Contact In The Desert - Donald Schmitt - Why Is Roswell The Most Important of All UFO Case

WALTER HAUT PIO ROSWELL INCIDENT JULY 08 1947_Digitized 02- 09- 15, 12:51pm

Colonel Thomas Ferebee The Roswell Incident

Vampires Walk Among Us

Learn about them if you dare.

The Oldest Occult Shop In NYC

It's called Enchantments. Take a look.

University Of Texas At Brownsville Teaches Class on Mexican Witchcraft.

Complete with video. I've already posted it a few years back. Seems like the author of the piece is just now catching on.

Ex-Air Force Intelligence Officer Claims UFOs Buzzed Soldiers At War

His story was featured in the first episode of season 2 of Hangar 1.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hollywood Ghost Stories (1986)

A Terrifyng Encounter With Bigfoot

The Christian Fight For The Right To Pray Is Backfiring

Because many Christians don't get what is meant by separation of Church and State they are unknowingly catering to Satanists, Witches and Pagans.

Meet The Vampires Of Houston, TX.

They are everywhere.

Witch Leads Prayer In Iowa Stage Legislature

See what happened. Most people were no-shows. Some protested by turning their backs to her.

Map Of UFO Sightings

Who knew they are heavily sighted on the West Coast?

Couple Starved To Death Boy They Claimed Was Demon-Possessed And Then Tried To Resurrect Him From The Dead

A couple who starved a two-year old boy to death because they believed he was demon possessed tried to resurrect him from the dead in a strange Christian ritual they called a "rising ceremony". When that failed the couple fled to Mexico.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Bigfoot: Man Or Beast? (1972)

Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon (1991)

NASAS' Chief Scientists Claims Alien Life Will Be Discovered By 2025

Does NASA have a time machine we don't know about?

Exopolitics Enthusiats Believe Hillary Will Be The President To Disclose UFO Truth

But then again, they say this about every new president.

Pilot Discusses His UFO Sighting

Captain Andrew Danzinger claims he saw a UFO while flying from Kansas City in 1989.

Alleged Bigfoot Cries Captured In Oklahoma

Professor Caleb Lack - The Oklahoma Octopus

Friday, April 10, 2015

Dark Matters Radio - Fire In The Sky: Tracey Torme And Travis Walton

Dark Matters Radio - Werewolves With Linda Godfrey - 4/10/12

Dark Matters Radio - Missing 411 With David Paulides - 5/15/12

Dark Matters Radio - Military/Intelligence Disinformation With Robert Hastings

Dark Matters Radio - Lunar Anomalies With Vito Secchari

Dark Matters - Missing 411 With David Paulides

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Today Is The 21 Year Anniversary Of The Death Of Kurt Cobain

Twenty-one years ago today Kurt Cobain was likely murdered. Although it's believed he died on April 5, 1994, his body would not be discovered until April 8, 1994, when Courtney Love hired an electrician to work on the greenhouse.

To learn of all the strange things that were going on in the days before and after Kurt's death, things that indicate a potential murder, read my timeline at the below link.

Allan Handleman Show - Mysterious Death Of Kurt Cobain (2004)

Allan Handleman Show - Kurt Cobain's Death (2009)

Allan Handleman Show - Tom Grant On The Death Of Kurt Cobain Update (2011)

Unsolved Mysteries - Kurt Cobain (1997)

Court TV - Kurt Cobain Murder Inquiry (2004)

R.I.P. Kurt. The truth will come out.

Tom Grant Is Giving Away His Cobain Cast Study Manual For Free

P.I. Tom Grant is giving away his Cobain Cast Study Manual, which he sold for years on his site, for free. It's available as a .pdf download at his site.

New HBO Kurt Cobain Documentary Shares Warped Concept Of Truth

The new HBO documentary, Montage of Heck, which is touted as the first authorized biographical documentary on the life of Kurt Cobain is set to share a warped or twisted version of reality. The documentary was also rushed as a means of counter-acting the release of another documentary, Soaked In Bleach, which covers the murder theory.

New Website On The Kurt Cobain Murder Theory

An attorney has created a new website detailing the Kurt Cobain murder theory and arguing that an organization greater than the Seattle Police Department, such as the FBI, take over the case.

Witchcraft & Conjure Series - Class 5 - Poppets & Doll Babies

Witchcraft & Conjure Series - Class 4 - Mojo Bags

Witchcraft & Conjure Series - Class 3 - Money Magick

Witchcraft & Conjure Series - Class 2 - Love Magick

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Witchcraft & Conjure Series - Class 1 - Candle Magick

Fade To Black - Larry Warren & Peter Robbins

Fade To Black - James Fox On 701

Sasquatch Chronicles - Bob Gimlin Of The Infamous Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Footage

90 minute interview:

The Berkeley Boom

People are hearing strange booming sounds at night that are said to be quite jarring. What is it?

Is This A UFO Or Just Water Running Over Glass?

Sorry "true believers" this is most likely a drop of water running up the glass with the wind. The fact that the person who caught this on camera did not react as if it was something amazing is also telling.

An Explanation For Vampire Lore

1. Why do crosses repel vampires?

Because the Church believed that vampires were demons that possessed the corpses of humans. As demons they shun religious icons and symbols.

2. Why does holy water burn vampires?

See answer for number 1.

3. Why does a vampire have to be staked through the heart?

The original point of staking a vampire through the heart was in fact to keep in in the grave. This practice was done on corpses suspected of being vampires. A wooden stake, sometimes a blessed wood or wood considered holy, like from the same species of wood the cross that Jesus was crucified on, would be driven through the heart and into the ground. This would serve two purposes, to destroy the heart and to keep the vampire in the ground. Additionally, a vampire could be stopped by decapitation and then placing the head between the legs in the grave or else by having a brick or large stone shoved into the corpses mouth. It was believed that vampires caused diseases and plagues by "chewing" their burial shroud.

4. Why does sunlight kill vampires?

It doesn't or I should state that not everyone believed this. In many places a vampire could roam during the day or night. However, people that believed that sunlight was fatal to vampires probably were observant and realized that dead bodies left out in the sun and heat of day decomposed faster than bodies buried in the ground. So that was likely the inspiration behind why sunlight kills vampires. Additionally, light represented "good" and darkness "bad" for many people.

5. Why do vampires drink blood?

Surprisingly, not all vampires drink blood. In fact, most vampires don't drink blood at all but rather cause disease or attack people in their sleep and drain them of energy. There are even vampires who arise from their graves strictly to have sex with their former lovers or spouses. In these cases the "victim" will eventually die of exhaustion if the vampire is not dealt with. For those vampires that do drink blood then the believe comes from the bible, "The blood is the life"

Deut. 12:23 KJV
23 Only be sure that thou eat not the blood: for the blood is the life; and thou mayest not eat the life with the flesh.

Ancient people realized that if an animal or person lost too much blood they would die. Then they came to view blood as a special liquid that contained the life force of the animal or person. So vampires, being undead, would need to frequently ingest living blood to retain a resemblance of life.

6. Why do you have to drink vampire blood to become a vampire?

You don't. Or should I say that this is not something that people really believed but rather is a very modern invention. In traditional vampire lore, merely being the victim of a vampire is enough to turn one into a vampire. However, this is not the only way to become a vampire. It was believed that witches and werewolves would often return as vampires when they were killed. Suicide victims were all said to risks for becoming vampires because suicide went against God's will. Even a black cat jumping over a corpse is enough to possibly turn a corpse into a vampire.

7. What is the ultimate truth behind the vampire myth?

A. People from older times did not understand the process of decomposition.
B. Vampires are in fact an invented excuse to explain diseases and plagues.
C. Vampires are an invented excuse to explain what we now call sleep paralysis.

Trivia: Thousands of people were executed during the witch and werewolf hunts. How many people were executed for allegedly being vampires? The answer is below.
The answer is none. Since vampires were believed to be corpses that rose from the grave then therefore no living human beings were ever accused or arrested and executed for allegedly being vampires. However, thousands of corpses were dug up and desecrated as part of folk beliefs to kill a vampire.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Bowl Of Bird Heads And Machete Found In Sacramento

The string of animal sacrifices in Sacramento continue. The latest is the find of a bowl full of pigeon and rooster heads. A machete was placed on top of it.

Meet The FBI Guy Behind The Maury Island UFO Case Investigation

His name was Special Agent Jack Wilcox.

Was "Ape Woman" An Actual Bigfoot?

An African woman over 6ft tall and who resembled an animal and not a human my have been a Bigfoot or even only partly human, says researcher.

More On The Vamps In New Orleans

Yet another article detailing the lives of self-professed vampires in the Big Easy.

Ghost Sightings In Haunted Houses Caused By Toxic Mold

Researchers are claiming that some sightings of ghosts in old, abandoned homes may be hallucinations from toxic mold growing in the walls.

Woman Claims Ghost Of Husband Scared Off Would-Be Burglar

When a person broke into a home a ghost allegedly scared them off, or so a woman has claimed.

CNN Reporter Allegedly Attacked By Ghost On Air

Friday, April 3, 2015

Dark Matter Radio - CIA UFO Cover-Up With Robert Hastings - 8/27/12

Dark Matters Radio - The Highgate Vampire Show

Dark Matters Radio - Missing 411 With David Paulides -

Dark Matters Radio - Area 51, Bob Lazar & UFOs With George Knapp - 11/14/12

Dark Matters Radio - Alien Autopsy With Dr. Cyril Wecht - 6/17/13

Dark Matters Radio - Citizen Hearing On UFOs & Roswell With Kevin Randle - 7/01/13

Dark Matters Radio - The Roswell Dream Team With Kevin Randle - 10/01/13

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Stanton Friedman Distances Himself From The "Roswell Slides"

In a released statement, retired nuclear physicist and ufologist Stanton Friedman has distanced himself from the "Roswell Slides" and admitted that he has declined appearing at the May 5, 2015, "big reveal" in Mexico City, citing a lack of evidence connected the slides to the Roswell crash.

Salem: Witch War Special

What's Wrong with Buffy's HD?

Witch Hunt (2008)

A documentary on the horrors of the "child molestation/satanic panic" hysteria of the 1980s. The majority of the accusations involved satanic or occult themes and were almost always false. Despite this, the accused had their lives destroyed or suffered greatly from the false accusations. Some were jailed for crimes they did not commit. Some are still in jail after all these years. The horrors of Salem have not passed. Take a look into a modern witch hunt. This documentary focuses on cases from Bakersfield, CA.

Sacred Weeds - Henbane, The Witches Brew

Hunting Witches In Your Family

Every wonder about searching your family tree to discover if you have any ancestors who were accused witches? If so then this guide will be of help.

Radio Bursts From Space May Be Extraterrestrial

Scientists are actually pondering whether or not strange radio burst from space may be made by extraterrestrials.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Mexican Satanic Black Mass Described As Horrific

American visitors to a Mexican Satanic Black Mass were shocked at the brutality they observed. Animals were allegedly tortured and sacrificed on site, having their hearts ripped out and blood smeared on worshipers. Observers fear that the group may soon or already has performed human sacrifice.

WARNING: The Link below has disturbing footage and pictures.

Of Ouija Boards And Stolen Pagan God Statues

Weirdness is a-brewing in Ireland.

Yeti Is Not An Undiscovered Species Of Bear

New research indicates that whatever Yeti is that it's not an unknown species of bear. It may be a regular species of bear that lives in the area though.

Why Jane Goodall Believes In Bigfoot

The Kill Or No Kill Debate Of Bigfoot Heats Up

A group of "paranormalists" wants to kill Bigfoot. The Police say they will make sure that if they do that they will suffer the legal consequences.

Former NFL Player Equates Gay Marriage With Satanism

It was Craig James.

Bill And Hillary Clinton Went To A Voodoo Ceremony

Back in 1975 and as part of a wedding gift, Bill and Hillary Clinton went to Haiti and observed a Voodoo ceremony. They liked it.

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