Monday, March 30, 2015

Witch Livid Over Witches Charging For Spells

A series of articles has exposed the insane ignorance of modern self-styled witches who are closer to Fundamentalist Christians than any pagan religion of the past. Should witches charge for spells? The overwhelming majority of Wiccans claims one should never charge money or exchange goods for spells. Yet ironically and historically the "witch or practitioner for hire" has always been associated with witchcraft and is the main activity of witches and other magical practitioners. The term "craft" means art, skill, practice or trade. The last three, skill, practice or trade, all refer to a service that is rendered in exchange for profit or the exchange of goods. An art, skill, practice or trade is how a person makes a living. An art, skill, practice or trade does not mean "religion". The real practitioners of magical systems have always charged for services. Only members of modern made-up religions such as Wicca object to historical truths because what they do is not based in historical truth but rather an invented fantasy.

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