Friday, February 6, 2015

The Roswell Slides - What You Need To Know

Note: If you are unfamiliar with the Roswell slides, as well as the upcoming symposium in Mexico in May where they will be revealed to the public, please read the information at the following link:

What You Need To Know About The Roswell Slides

1. The slides are authentic. They are not hoaxed. They are real slides that were taken circa 1947 and depict what "experts" believe to be a real, once living being.

2. We do not know the experts who have analysed the slides.

3. There is nothing that connects the slides to Roswell.

4. There is nothing that connects the being in the slides as being an extraterrestrial.

5. There are big names attached to this, such as Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Thomas Carey, and Don Schmitt.

6. The people involved in this affair have opted to make money off of this by turning it into a venue instead of simply holding a press conference and providing the information for free to the public.

7. Jaime Maussan is the man who is sponsoring the event in Mexico City. Some would argue that Jaime Maussan has little credibility due to his past exploits in Ufology.

8. If the slides are later proven to not be that of an alien being Tom Carey and Don Schmitt will be destroyed. All of their work and research on Roswell will go down the toilette and they will have zero credibility. They can not recuperate because of the strong stance via comments made regarding this. It's too late for them to back down and distance themselves.

9. If the slides are later proven to not be that of an alien being, Dr. Edgar Mitchell's legacy will be tarnished and he will have zero credibility. He will be remembered for this fiasco instead of his career.

10. If the slides are later proven to not be that of an alien being, the Roswell crash, as a subject, is likely to officially die. No one may be willing to touch the Roswell crash after these shenanigans. More people would be inclined to accept the Project Mogul explanation after some of the biggest champions for the extraterrestrial explanation have been exposed and reputations destroyed over this.

If The Being In The Slides Is Not An Alien, Then What Is It? 

I ultimately don't know. I haven't seen the slides myself but I have known of their existence for almost three years now. I can't be sure but I suspect that the being in the slides is in fact a display found in a freak museum, similar to the one portrayed in the past season of American Horror Story: Freak Show. There is talk that the being is inside a glass box, which would lead credence to this speculation.

Are The Rumors That Roswell Crash Researchers Had Their Computers Hacked True? 

All we have is claims of computers being hacked. There's no proof of hacking at this time. Allegedly one investigation by police didn't find any evidence of hacking. It may very well be that researchers involved in Roswell slides may have had their computers hacked. However, researchers unconnected to the Roswell slides are also claiming their computers were hacked over this drama and such claims are less believable. So at this time all we can say that it's a possibility but that we really don't know.

Who Is Behind This? 

We ultimately don't know. We don't even know who actually owns the slides at this point or that information has not been publicly released at this time. We can't rule out that this is a sophisticated operation, perhaps carried out by one or more intelligence agencies for the U.S. government in order to discredit researchers and once and for all silence everything relating to Roswell. However, since the people involved have opted to make money off of this instead of simply releasing this to the public, we can not disregard plain old human greed as the motivation. It may very well be that the owner of the slides knows good and well what the being in the slides is and that it has nothing to do with aliens. Only time will tell how this will unfold. I strongly urge those interested to keep up to date on this subject as it is likely to change the face of Ufology, more specifically, Roswell crash research, forever.

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