Thursday, February 12, 2015

R.I.P. Roswell

I thought I would take some time to explain an issue to my readers. The issue is the death of the Roswell crash as a subject. Many may not be aware of it but Roswell research is dead. I'll explain why.

Roswell research is only as good as it's researchers. If the researchers are discredited then it doesn't matter if there's any truth to the actual subject or not. That's the case with Roswell research.

There are many people investigating Roswell but there have been four big names that the public can identify with Roswell research. Those big four are:

Stanton Friedman (not so much actively investigating)
Kevin Randle (not so much actively investigating)
Donald Schmitt (actively investigating)
Thomas Carey (actively investigating)

The problem is that they are all discredited for various reasons. Stanton Friedman was duped by the MJ12 hoax, which still exists to this day in Ufology with people believing that the MJ12 documents are legit. Tom Carey and Don Schmitt have been discredited for touting an image of what appears to be a mummified child and trying to pass it off as Roswell alien.  Kevin Randle is a bit tricky. I asked him in comments whether or not he would distance himself or make a public stance against Tom Carey and Don Schmitt and he never responded. I seriously doubt he would ever do such thing. Recently, he acted to silence any talk of hoaxing or motivations of money regarding this issue in comments on his blog, which, in my opinion, is a clear sign of support for the pair. Kevin has also been criticized in the past regarding his research into Roswell.

What this all boils down to is that Roswell crash research is dead. It has nothing to do with my personal opinions of these men, as they appear to be likable guys. It's just over. There is no credible public face anymore. As far as I can tell, there is no younger person stepping up to the plate and taking over. Such persons would have to start from scratch and that would be extremely difficult since most witnesses are dead. So it's over folks. This is it. It's finished.

There are people who will say that Roswell is like a vampire and that it will rise from the grave in no time flat. I don't think so. We may hear some stories every now and then. Something might pop up from time to time but such would just be death spasms, involuntary movements as the corpse settles.

R.I.P. Roswell. You were a hell of a ride in the late 80s and 90s. Unfortunately every party has to come to an end.

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