Friday, January 16, 2015


Phthonus is the god or spirit of romantic jealousy in the Ancient Greek religion.

Appearance: A winged youth, similar to Eros/Cupid.

Lore: A son of Aphrodite, Phthonus' job was to inspire and incite envy and jealousy in lovers, both mortal and divine. Phthonus especially delighted in inciting Hera into a jealous rage over the continuous cheating of Zeus. Phthonus allegedly took many mortal wives but murdered each one out of suspicion they were unfaithful.

Powers: Phthonus has the power to make people become insanely jealous. One of the most dangerous envies of all is romantic envy, as it is quite known to drive some people to murder.

Defense Against Phthonus: Unknown.

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