Tuesday, January 6, 2015

La Befana

LA Befana is a an old woman, sometimes called a witch, that delivers gifts to good boys and girls in Italy early in the morning of the Epiphany, January 6.

Appearance: La Befana appears as a witch, minus the stereotypical conical hat. Her clothing can be of any color and she flies through the air on a broom.

Lore: There are many legends surrounding La Befana but a popular legend is that the Magi came to La Befana's house in order to ask her directions in order to find the baby Jesus. La Befana invited them in to her house and treated them well. In return the Magi asked her to accompany them on their journey but La Befana declined. Later after the Magi had left La Befana decided that she should have gone with the Magi and set out to find them. She was in such a hurry that she didn't clean up or even change her tattered clothing, and took along the broom she was using to sweep her house at the time of her decision. However, she could never catch up to the Magi and continues searching for the baby Jesus to this day. Stopping off at every household with children, La Befana rewards good children with pleasant gifts and punishes bad children with unpleasant gifts, such as coal, sticks, or even bulbs of onions or garlic. According to lore, if any child is foolish enough to try to spy on La Befana she will punish them by hitting them with her broom.

Powers: La Befana has the power of flight

Defense Against La Befana: Children should behave throughout the year to avoid unpleasant gifts. Children should not spy on her to avoid being hit with her broom.

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