Thursday, January 8, 2015


Dolos, a.k.a. Dolus, was the god of trickery, deception, guile and treachery in the Ancient Greek religion.

Apperance: Unknown, though the implication is that Dolos was human-like and possibly had wings.

Lore: Dolos is the male counterpart or even mate of Apate, the goddess of deceit and fraud. Dolos accompanies the Pseudologoi as they flit to and fro on the earth, coaxing humans to lie. In one legend, Dolos was the creator of Pseudologoi, molding them from clay similarly to how Prometheus was said to have molded humanity from clay.

Powers: Dolos main power is to cause chaos among humanity.

Defense Against Dolos: Unknown, though it's possible that like with the Pseudologoi, telling the truth may be the only way to stop or repel him. The goddess Alatheia, the goddess of truth may possibly be invoked for protection.

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