Monday, January 26, 2015

Texas Man Claims To Have Narrowly Escaped Abduction By Aliens, Claims Pictures As Proof

Ronny Dawson claims he barely avoided being abducted by aliens and managed to take pictures as proof.


MUFON Wants World Database To Track UFOs

MUFON believes a world database of UFO sightings will be helpful in investigating the UFO phenomenon.

Man Arrested For Assaulting "Demonic" Preacher

Michael Munoz allegedly assaulted a preacher he believed was demonic. Munoz repeatedly punched the preacher, smashed his phone, and then fled before being arrested.

Medium Claims To Have Captured Picture Of Slender Man

I guess nobody told the medium that Slender Man is a made up monster created on the creepypasta website.

The Best X-Files Episodes To Watch Before The Reboot

Brush up on your X-Files before the reboot next year.

Farmer Claims Found Bodies Of Chupacabras

A farmer in Chile claims to have found the remains of two chupacabras.

Retired Police Officer Claims He Saw Bigfoot As A Child

The retired officer was 8 years-old and on a camping trip in California.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Understanding Odin

Asatru: The Ways of Our Ancestors – Stephen McNallen on GW Radio

Satanist Sentenced To Life For Murdering And Eating Woman

A Gregory Hale, an alleged Tennessee satanist plead guilty and was sentenced to life for murdering and eating a woman.

What's Behind Cattle Mutilation?

A farmer is interviewed on the mysterious phenomenon.

Cattle Mutilation Expert Still Stumped

David Perkins, cattle mutilation expert, is still stumped over cattle mutilation even after almost 40 years of researching the phenomenon.

Ghost Hunting Group Formed At Penn State

Who you gonna call? - The Penn Ghost Project!

Santeria Priests Welcome New Relationship With U.S.

The new relationship between the U.S. and Cuba is welcomed by Santeria priests who feel it will create bridges for communication with followers in the U.S.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Law Enforcement Guide To Satanic Cults [1994]

Note: The information in this documentary has largely been debunked. This video was created during the "satanic panic" hysteria of the late 1970s through the mid-1990s. It is now presented only as entertainment.

Disney Movies Cure Zombie Teen

A teenage girl diagnosed with Cotard Delusion, the belief that one is a walking corpse, was cured after watching Disney movies. 

Remembering The "Satanic Panic" Of The 1980s

A tour down memory lane....

Parent Outraged Over Satanic Symbols In Bus Brake Lights

A mother in Cordova, TN, took a picture of a local school bus to "prove" that the break lights lit up in the shape of a pentagram. The mother is outraged as this blatant "satanic" display.

Man Claims Had Sex With Ghost

An anonymous man contacted a paranormal author to relate his story of picking up a woman and having sex with her only later realizing she was a ghost.

Scotland's First Gay Pagan Wedding

Two gay, pagan witches recently wed in Scotland making it the country's first such wedding.

World of Mysteries - On the Trail of Bigfoot

Monday, January 19, 2015

FOX Reps Confirm In Talks For An X-Files Reboot

FOX reps have confirmed that they are in the very beginning stages of talks for an X-Files reboot. The reboot is likely to be a 12 episode limited series that would star David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as agents Mulder and Scully. However, everything is up in the air right now. Let's cross our fingers and hope we get to see a lot more than 12 episodes form this reboot!

The X-Files: Inside The X-Files

The X-Files: Fight The Future

The X-Files: Reflections on "The Truth"

X-FILES | Documentary (9 Seasons) | "Mulder & Scully"

The X-Files: The Lone Gunmen

The X-Files: The Truth About Season 1

Friday, January 16, 2015


Phthonus is the god or spirit of romantic jealousy in the Ancient Greek religion.

Appearance: A winged youth, similar to Eros/Cupid.

Lore: A son of Aphrodite, Phthonus' job was to inspire and incite envy and jealousy in lovers, both mortal and divine. Phthonus especially delighted in inciting Hera into a jealous rage over the continuous cheating of Zeus. Phthonus allegedly took many mortal wives but murdered each one out of suspicion they were unfaithful.

Powers: Phthonus has the power to make people become insanely jealous. One of the most dangerous envies of all is romantic envy, as it is quite known to drive some people to murder.

Defense Against Phthonus: Unknown.

Just Energy Radio - Cattle Mutilation - Christopher O'Brien

Just Energy Radio - Who Killed JFK - Jesse Ventura

Bigfoot Researchers Disappears After Alleged Government Harassment

Bigfoot researcher Bob Garrett has allegedly disappeared after experiencing government harassment. His radio show, YouTube account and social media are all gone. At least two individuals have claimed that Garrett is being harassed by the government, possibly after coming forward with evidence that Bigfoot may have attacked a camp site.

10 Cases Solved By Psychics

Ten "real-life" cases that were solved with the help of psychics.

Landlords Blame Jinn For Fires In Dubai

Landlords in Dubai are increasingly blaming house fires on jinn.

Read Project Blue Book Files For Free Online

All of the files from Project Blue Book have been released for public consumption.

Thursday, January 15, 2015


The Hysminai were the goddesses or spirits of fighting and physical altercations in the Ancient Greek religion.

Apperance: Unknown, though similar spirits are portrayed as black-winged women.

Lore: The Hysminai, like with their sisters the Makhai, are responsible for inspiring humans into fighting one another. The Hysminai flit to and fro on the earth inciting physical violence. In modern times the Hysminai are likely responsible for the plague of gang violence as well as the fascination with fist fights among the youth.

Powers: The Hysminai have the power to incite physical violence, slapping, hitting, punching, pushing, fist fights, and even outright war.

Defense Against The Hysminai: Unknown. However, invoking Eirene, the goddess of peace, may be helpful.

Just Energy Radio - UFO's: Suspicious Deaths & Mysterious Murders - Nick Redfern

Just Energy Radio - UFOs Over Texas

Just Energy Radio - The Anatomy Of UFO Phenomenon

Just Energy Radio - Voodoo & Black Magic

"Zombie Hunter" Arrested For Murder Of 2 Women

An alleged zombie enthusiast and hunter has been arrested and charged with the murders of two women back in the 90s.

Tanzania Bans Witch Doctors After Albino Murders

The Tanzanian government has banned witch doctors over the murder of albinos. Albinos are targeted and murdered so that their body parts can be used in black magic rituals and spells.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Oizys was the godddess or spirit of misery in the Ancient Greek religion.

Appearance: Unknown. However, based on similar figures it's possible Oizys appears as a black-winged woman.

Lore: Oizys was likely one of the gods or spirits imprisoned within Pandora's jar, which when opened, released it's denizens to plague mankind. Oizys flits to and fro on the earth, inflicting misery and suffering everywhere she flies. The Romans called her Miseria, which is where we get the word "misery".

Powers: Oizys has the power to inflict misery and suffering upon humanity.

Defense Against Oizys: None. Unfortunately misery and suffering are part of the human existence.

Horizon - Parallel Universes

Naked Science - Living In A Parallel Universe

The Rise And Fall Of The Druids

Joey Diaz talks Santeria.

Santeria - Fusion Of The Gods

VICE - The Greeks Who Pray To Zeus

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


The Nosoi are the gods or spirits of diseases in the Ancient Greek religion.

Appearance: Unknown, but similar spirits are portrayed as winged human-like beings.

Lore: The Nosoi are responsible for all of the diseases that plague humanity. They were contained in the jar that was given to Pandora for safekeeping. When Pandora opened the jar, the Nosoi were set free and have caused misery and suffering ever since.

Powers: The Nosoi have the power to cause great misery, suffering, pain and death to humanity through inflicting disease.

Defense Against Nosoi: Modern medicine and scientific break-throughs remain the best hope of defeating the Nosoi.

Just Energy Radio - Energy Vampires - Jennifer O'Neill

Just Energy Radio - Being Pagan: Druids, Wiccans, and Witches - Ellen Evert Hopman

Just Energy Radio - Encounters with Malevolent Entities and Other Disembodied Spirits - Von Braschler

Just Energy Radio - Jim Marrs – Do the Global Elite Conceal Ancient Aliens?

Just Energy Radio - Robert Salas On Have World Governments Conspired to Conceal UFO Activity?

Fade To Black - Robert Hastings On UFOs & Nukes

Monday, January 12, 2015


Epiales, a.k.a Melas Oneiros (black dream), is god or spirit of nightmares in the Ancient Greek religion.

Appearance: A black winged youth

Lore: Epiales attacks his victims while they sleep, producing terrifying nightmares.

Powers: Epiales can invoke great feelings of terror and fright, as well as produce the classic physical symptoms in the body associated with such states.

Defense Against Epiales: Unknown. However, coming to term with one's fears and reassuring one's self that it's just a dream may be of help.

Fade To Black - Peter Robbins & Richard Dolan On Rendlesham UFO

Fade To Black - Richard Dolan

Fade To Black - Charles Halt & James Burroughs On Rendlesham UFO

Powwowing And Witch Doctors

A look back on powwowing and witch doctors after the 1928 hex murder case.

Giant Ice Chunk Crashed Into Man's Apartment

John Connor is a lucky man. Had he been home and sitting in his chair he would of likely been killed by a falling chunk of ice which tore through his roof and ceiling and also almost hit his cat. Investigators are still trying to determine where the ice came from but in similar situations no likely origin can be established. This has led some to speculate that the ice chunks actually originate in space.

Bigfoot Captured Via Drone?

And here's a break down of the footage:

Friday, January 9, 2015

Deimos And Phobos

Deimos And Phobos were the twin gods or spirits of fear, dread, terror and panic in the Ancient Greek religion..

Appearance: Deimos and Phobos were usually portrayed as male youths and sometimes were portrayed with the heads of lions.

Lore: Deimos and Phobos were the twin sons of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, and Ares, the god of war. They rode in battle with their father and spread fear and terror wherever they went. The two moons of the planet Mars are named after them.

Powers: Deimos and Phobos have the power to spread fear and terror everywhere they travel.

Defense Against Deimos And Phobos: Unknown. However, since the twins represent the fear and terror associated with war it is possible that keeping calm in times of crises may be effective. Invoking Eirene, the goddess of peace, may also be of help.

Pagan Revival

Anglo-Saxon Paganism - From Runes to Ruins

Being Pagan

Human Mutants - Episode 1 - The Mystery Of Growth

5 Creepiest, Unsolved Internet Mysteries

A History Of God

Thursday, January 8, 2015


Dolos, a.k.a. Dolus, was the god of trickery, deception, guile and treachery in the Ancient Greek religion.

Apperance: Unknown, though the implication is that Dolos was human-like and possibly had wings.

Lore: Dolos is the male counterpart or even mate of Apate, the goddess of deceit and fraud. Dolos accompanies the Pseudologoi as they flit to and fro on the earth, coaxing humans to lie. In one legend, Dolos was the creator of Pseudologoi, molding them from clay similarly to how Prometheus was said to have molded humanity from clay.

Powers: Dolos main power is to cause chaos among humanity.

Defense Against Dolos: Unknown, though it's possible that like with the Pseudologoi, telling the truth may be the only way to stop or repel him. The goddess Alatheia, the goddess of truth may possibly be invoked for protection.

Podcast UFO - Flatwoods Monster - 12/24/2014

Podcast UFO - Robert Salas - 12/17/2014

Podcast UFO - Rendlesham UFO - 12/10/20145

Podcast UFO - Linda Moulton Howe - 12/03/2014 Part 2

Podcast UFO - Linda Moulton Howe - 12/03/2014 Part 1

Podcast UFO - Leslie Keen - 11/19/2014

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


The Pseudologoi are the gods or spirits of lies in Ancient Greek religion.

Appearance: Uknown, but similar spirits are portrayed as winged human-like beings.

Lore: The Pseudologoi are the offspring, usually viewed as being male, of Eris, the goddess of strife. The Pseudologoi constantly flit to and fro on earth, enticing humans to lie and spread deception.

Powers: Flight, ability to create both minor and major problems from enticing people into lying.

Defense Against Pseudologoi: The enemy of the Pseudologoi is the goddess Alatheia, the goddess of truth. Telling the truth is the only way to defeat the Pseudologoi.

Mogollon Monster

The Mogollon Monster is the local name for Bigfoot near the Mogollon Rim in Arizona.

Christians Should Support The Satanic Monument In Oklahoma City

An article on why Christians should support the inclusion of a Satanic monument at the OKC capital.

Santa Muerte On 'Breaking Bad', Take A Tour Of This Popular Saint Of Death

Many people were intrigued by Santa Muerte after seeing her cult on the hit series, Breaking Bad. Now you can take a tour of this growing cult.

Woman Recounts Exorcism With Santa Muerte

Listen as this woman recounts her experience of going to a Brujha (witch) and having an exorcism featuring Santa Muerte performed on her.

Inside The Cult Of Death

Take a look inside the cult of Santa Muerte.

Cult Of Santa Muerte Is The Fastest Growing Devotion In The U.S.

An interesting article on the rise of the cult of Santa Muerte.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

La Befana

LA Befana is a an old woman, sometimes called a witch, that delivers gifts to good boys and girls in Italy early in the morning of the Epiphany, January 6.

Appearance: La Befana appears as a witch, minus the stereotypical conical hat. Her clothing can be of any color and she flies through the air on a broom.

Lore: There are many legends surrounding La Befana but a popular legend is that the Magi came to La Befana's house in order to ask her directions in order to find the baby Jesus. La Befana invited them in to her house and treated them well. In return the Magi asked her to accompany them on their journey but La Befana declined. Later after the Magi had left La Befana decided that she should have gone with the Magi and set out to find them. She was in such a hurry that she didn't clean up or even change her tattered clothing, and took along the broom she was using to sweep her house at the time of her decision. However, she could never catch up to the Magi and continues searching for the baby Jesus to this day. Stopping off at every household with children, La Befana rewards good children with pleasant gifts and punishes bad children with unpleasant gifts, such as coal, sticks, or even bulbs of onions or garlic. According to lore, if any child is foolish enough to try to spy on La Befana she will punish them by hitting them with her broom.

Powers: La Befana has the power of flight

Defense Against La Befana: Children should behave throughout the year to avoid unpleasant gifts. Children should not spy on her to avoid being hit with her broom.

Man Calls The Police Over Possible Bigfoot Attack

At circa 11 PM on December 6, a man  called the Hawkins County Sheriff's office to report that someone or something has been loudly banging on his walls. The banging was so loud and forceful that it reportedly knocked a picture off the wall. When police investigated and found nothing the man theorized if a Bigfoot was responsible.

Traffic Cam May Have Captured Picture Of Bigfoot Family

The Arizona Department of Transportation caught a picture on a traffic cam of what might be a Bigfoot family.

Black Cat Ghost Haunts Mansion In Ohio

The ghost of a black cat allegedly haunts the Perkins Stone Mansion in Ohio.

Woman Allegedly Kills Cats After Believing They Were Demons

A possibly mentally ill woman has been arrested and is accused of killing her cats after believing they were demons.

Woman Claims Demon Possession Caused Her To Stab Woman In The Neck

A Michigan woman has been arrested for allegedly stabbing woman in the neck. Her defense is that she was allegedly possessed by a demon.

Man Asks Church If It's Okay To Kill A Demon Before Murdering Friend

Byron Armstrong was found legally insane after murdering his friend Henry Pan. Armstrong believed Pan was a demon.

Monday, January 5, 2015

"The Craft" Remake May Be On The Way

Recently a reader of Dread Central posted that he took part is a movie survey panel and one of the questions asked was whether or not he would be interested in seeing a remake of the 1996 movie, The Craft. Since questions are asked for a reason then this may mean that there is some behind-the-scenes interest in making a remake.

Man Who Stabbed 4 People On Train Claims He Saw Victims Transform Into Demons

A man who viciously attacked and stabbed four people on an Amtrak train in Michigan claimed that before the attack he watched the victims transform into demons.

Woman Claimed Witch Held Her Down While Husband Raped Her

It seems the Satanic hysteria is alive and well over-seas as a 50 year-old woman claims that as a girl a local witch and her husband abused and raped her, using threats of curses to silence her. Where's the proof? There's isn't any.

Wiccans Upset About Police Recording Public Events Release Witchcraft Video Smuggled Out Of Police Department

Should people in public be free to gather without being videotaped by police? One Wiccan coven things so and has released a video from the 90s showing the police recorded their coven's gathering. There's only one small problem. The courts have already ruled that nobody has a right to privacy in public.

A Field Full Of Secrets (2014)

Ghost Caught On Camera At Pocatello High School In Indiana

A strange, shadowy figure accompanied by flickering lights has been captured on camera. Is this the famous Poky ghost?

President Of Argentina Adopts Godson To Prevent Him From Becoming A Werewolf

According to lore, the seventh son of a seventh son will become a werewolf. So to "prevent" this the President of Argentina adopted her grandson.

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