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The Enfield Horror

The Enfield Horror is the name given to an alleged monster that was sighted over a span of a month in and near the city of Enfield, IL, in 1973.

Appearance: The Enfield Horror was described as a 4 ft tall, gray-skinned creature having three legs with three clawed feet, two stumpy arms coming out of the chest region and having big pink eyes the size of flashlights. For an image of the Enfield Horror, click HERE.

Lore: On April 25, 1973, at about 9 pm, a young boy name Greg Garrett was playing in his back yard. Garrett began screaming and ran inside the home to his parents. According to Garrett a monster had approached him, stomped on his feet and tore ups his shoes with it's claws.

One half-hour after this first encounter a next-door neighbor named Henry McDaniel and his wife returned home to discover his children were in a huge panic. According to the children, while the parents were away a monster attempted to break into the house. Shortly after communicating this scratches on the front door were heard. McDaniel opened the front door and to his shock was face-to-face with the creature. McDaniel quickly slammed the door shut and ran for his gun. McDaniel returned and shot the creature and the creature seemingly fled into the night. McDaniel immediately called the police and Illinois State Troopers arrived on seen.  The State Trooper discovered prints that resembled a dog's paw prints but having six toes. The prints indicated that the creature had three legs, one of which would have been smaller than the other two based on the size of the prints. McDaniel began to talk openly about the sighting which ended up bringing a lot of attention from curious outsiders to the community. This so troubled the county Sheriff that he threatened to arrest McDaniel if he didn't stop talking about the incident.

Other witnesses came forward. Among them were Rick Rainbow, the local news director of WWKI radio. Rainbow claims that he and three others sighted the creature running near an abandoned home not far from the McDaniel's property. Rainbow allegedly was able to record a vocalization of the creature and shared it with noted cryptozoologist, Loren Coleman. Upon investigating the area, Coleman claims that he too heard a similar sound to the one recorded by Rainbow.

Henry McDaniel would have a second sighting of the creature. On May 6, 1973, McDaniel claimed he witnessed the creature ramble about near a rail road. The last reported sighting occurred on May 8, 1973 where a group of monster hunters claimed they shot the creature as it lay hidden in some underbrush. The monster allegedly escaped a second time. Or did it? No further sightings have been reported since.

Powers: Unknown. The creature may or may not be impervious to bullets. The creature is said to have been able to run extremely fast.

Defense Against The Enfield Horror: Unknown. There are no known casualties nor even animal deaths associated with the monster.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Full Circle

Alien Abduction: Incident at Lake County

Pentacle-Hours' - Winter Laake Occult Radio Show (The Devil)

Two Human Skulls And Witchcraft Books Found In Trash At Train Conn. Train Station

Two human skulls and books on witchcraft were found in a recycling bin at a train station in Connecticut. It's believed the owner is deceased and was an occultist.

Couple Launches Seattle's First Satanic Temple

A couple in Seattle is creating a local branch of the Satanic Temple.

Woman Claims Monster Energy Drinks Are Satanic

Animal Sacrifice Site Found In Miami-Dade

Authorities have uncovered a large site believed to be the location of mass animal sacrifice rituals.

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Satanic Temple and the First Amendment lecture by Lucien Greaves

Mancow interviews The Satanic Temple

Professor Claims Alien-Human Hybrids Set To Conquer Earth

Professor David Jacobs believes that alien-human hybrids not only walk the planet but are planning for a take-over of society.

Ancient Egyptian Book Of Spells Deciphered

An 1,300 year old Ancient Egyptian book of spells has been deciphered. The book was likely authored by a Gnostic Christian sect and the spells contained within have Christian elements, both Gnostic and Orthodox.

Government Agency Thought Responsible For Email Hacking Of Roswell Researchers

A group of Roswell researchers who claim possession of slides showing legit images of an extraterrestrial being have had their emails hacked. It is suggested that a governmental intelligence agency is behind the hacking.

Starbucks Exorcism

Would Be Killer Still Believes In Slenderman

The attorney of Morgan Geyser has told the judge that that Geyser still believes in the fictional supernatural monster. Geyser and another girl, both 12 years-old, attempted to murder a fellow girl in order to impress Slenderman.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ghostman & Demon Hunter - Dr. David Jacobs On Alien Abduction

Professor Warns Alien Abductions ARE Happening & Hybrids Live Here

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Welsh Zombie Killed After Found Eating Woman's Face And Eyeball

Matthew Williams died after being tazed by security upon finding him eating the face and eyeball of a female victim.

Santa Muerte's Cult Is Gaining Steam

Signs of the cult of Santa Muerte can be found nationwide.

The Growing Cult Of Santa Muerte

The cult of Santa Muerte continues unabated. 

Author Claims Russian Supermodel's Suicide Due To Cult

In a new book, author Peter Pomerantsev will strive to show why the suicide of 20 year-old Russian Supermodel Ruslana Korshunova was caused in part by her joining a cult called "Rose of the World". Korshunova jumped off of a building in Manhattan in 2008.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Roswell Researcher Claims "Smoking Gun" Proof In The Form Of Picture Of Alien

Tom Carey, noted Roswell crash researcher, has claimed he has the "smoking gun" evidence that the Roswell crash happened via pictures of an alleged deceased alien that he claims Kodak has dated to 1947. Carey claims the pictures show a 3-4 ft tall, insect-like being that appears to have been autopsied. Carey claims he will reveal the pictures early next year.

Meet Santa Muerte

The ghosts of Hampton Court Palace

Vampire Trucker Kept 6 Women Hostage, Beat And Filed Down Their Teeth

A vampire-obsessed Utah trucker has been arrested and is accused of beating and holding hostage 6 women, He is also accused of filing down the victim's teeth to resemble vampire fangs.

Woman In Paraguay Burned At The Stake As A Witch

A 45 year-old woman was tied to a stake, shot with arrows and then set ablaze in Paraguay after being accused of being a witch.

Witchmarks Found To Protect King

Researchers have discovered special "witchmarks" at Knole in Kent that were believed made to protect King James 1 from witchcraft.

Woman Dead For 45 Minutes Has Vision Of Afterlife

Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro was clinically dead for 45 minutes before being revived. She claimed to have had a vision of the afterlife and to have seen "spiritual beings".

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