Monday, October 13, 2014

Dyer, Moll

Moll Dyer is an alleged witch who, in legend, cursed the town of Leonardtown, MD.

Appearance: An elderly woman

Lore: According to lore, Moll Dyer was a woman who lived by herself in the woods and made a living by gathering wild medicinal herbs and selling them to residents of Leonardtown, MD.  There were always rumors and suspicions that Moll Dyer was a witch. The rumors seemed to have started after her neighbor's livestock all mysteriously died. However, it wasn't until the extremely harsh winter of 1697 that people began to whisper and accuse Moll Dyer of using her black magic to conjure up Winter storms and blizzards. The rumors gave way to hysteria. A local posse was formed. The group traveled to Moll Dyer's house in the woods and set fire to it in the middle of the night. Moll Dyer escaped and fled deep into the woods to escape the mob. Her body was discovered days later. She had died from the brutal cold. According to legend, Moll Dyer's body was found with one knee and one hand placed on a large stone and the other hand held into the air, as if she died in the middle of performing a curse. The legend states that Moll Dyer cursed the town with her last dying breath. It is claimed that the stone that she knelt upon had both the impression of her knee and her hand/fingers. The stone has since been moved to outside of the courthouse. It is claimed that anyone who touches the stone will be cursed. The spirit of Moll Dyer is believed to haunt the forest where she lived. Several car accidents in the area have been blamed on her spirit, which may appear in the form of a white dog.

Powers: Moll Dyer allegedly possessed the power to curse and cause bad Winter weather. As a spirit she is blamed for several car accidents in the area.

Defense Against Moll Dyer: Unknown. However, it would be prude not to touch her stone. Driving with some form of spiritual protection may be able to shield the occupants of the car from Moll Dyer's wrath and may be able to avoid car accidents near her property.

Trivia: According to legend, Moll Dyer was the inspiration behind The Blair Witch Project. However, the reality of this belief can not be confirmed. If this rumor is true then Molly Dyer is also responsible for the "found footage" genre, as The Blair Witch Project was the movie that set this craze in motion.

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