Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Tonight's the night! It's the wickedest, spookiest night of the entire year! The witches, monsters and ghouls will be out in force tonight. So whether your will be attending the sabbat, running with the pack, or rising from the grave for a quick bite, I wish you all the most hauntingly horrific, Halloween! 


Thursday, October 30, 2014

History Goes Bump - Halloween Special 2014

Man Who Decapitated Victim During Voodoo Ritual Will Not Have Trial Moved

A judge ruled that the trial of James Paul Harris will not be moved. Harris is accused of strangling and decapitating a man in 2011 as part of a Voodoo ritual.

The Disappearing "Voodoo Spell Bottles"

One man who collected "voodoo spell bottles" found in the local river, laments that the practice is dying out.

Learn About A 200 Year-Old UFO Sighting

Back in 1873, in Zanesville, OH, a witness observed a UFO. An occupant dressed in black emerged and then drove off in a horseless carriage.

Area 51 Scientist Gives Deathbed Testimony That UFOs/Aliens Are Real

The only problem is that he tries to pass over a picture of an alien Halloween prop as being a genuine alien.

Tomb Of Marie Laveau Restored

The tomb of Marie Laveau has been restored. Last year a mentally ill young man painted it pink.

Satanism: A Brief History

London Museum Conspired To Kill And Abduct The Loch Ness Monster

Newly surfaced documented reveal that the National History Museum in London wanted to hire people to kill Nessie and then transport her body out of Scotland.

Mom Learns House Is Haunted Via Facebook

Michelle Midwinter took a picture of her home to post on Face Book. Upon looking at the photo later she discovered that there what looked like the ghostly image of a man peeking out one of the windows.

Author On, The Truth About Witches

Author Katherine Howe is interviewed on the truth regard witches. Howe herself is the descendant of three accused witches.

Meet The Warlock Of Salem

Meet Christian Day, the unofficial warlock of Salem.

The Haunted Steakhouse Of Tuscon

Is this steakhouse haunted? It's located in one of the oldest buildings in the city.

Whine At 9 - Celebrity Ghost Stories

The 10 Ten Cities For Vampires

Does your city make the list?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Celts - Episode 3 - Sacred Groves

The Flatwoods Monster Case

Stuff They Don't Want You To Know - Halloween's Urban Legends

Stuff They Don't Want You To Know - Is Halloween Dangerous?

Stuff They Don't Want You To Know - The Origin Of Halloween Traditions

West Virginia Man Claims Spotted Bigfoot 5 Times

A Bigfoot hunter and believer claims he has proof of the hairy man's existence.

Santa Muerte In Utah

You will love the title of this article, "Death Become Her", on the growing cult that has now reached Utah.

"Demon Of Brownsville Road" Is Fake, Says Former Residents

Former residents who lived in the house now claimed to be possessed by a demon, insist that the house is fine and that there were no hauntings or supernatural occurrences. The families are upset because they feel the author of the book lied about them when stating that they too had witnesses multiple supernatural goings on.

Elon Musk Says We Are "Summoning Demon" With A.I. Research

Elon Musk wants government regulation of A.I. research and feels that releasing A.I. is akin to "summoning a demon", meaning that A.I. would be just as impossible to control as summoning a fiend from hell.

Meet The Vampires Of Houston

They walk amongst us.

Looking For Werewolves In Britain? Here's Where You Will Find Them.

The most likely places to encounter a werewolf in Britain.

Grave Of Scottish Witch Found

The grave of an 18th century Scottish witch named Lilias Adie has been found.

Alabama Witches Come Out Of The Closet

Witches, pagans and magical practitioners want acceptance in Alabama.

Witchcraft Trials In Connecticut

The tale of the little known witchcraft trials in Connecticut.

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Braxton County Monster / The Flatwoods Monster: Book by Feschino

Flatwoods - 60th Anniversary of the Green Monster Sighting Special

Oklahoma Man Drives Car Over 10 Commandment Monument, Urinates On It, Claims Devil Made Him Do It

The infamous 10 commandment monument at the Oklahoma state capital was destroyed after a man drover his vehicle over it and then urinated upon it. The man claims that Satan made him do it. This same monument has stirred up quite the controversy and has caused several other religious groups, including a Satanic Temple and a Hindu group, to demand their statues be placed at the site as well.

Joan Quigley, The Reagans' Personal Astrologer, Dies

Joan Quigley was for a time the biggest kept secret of the Reagan administration.

Man Who Had Famous Ghost Sighting, Dies

Harry Martindale has passed away at the age of 79. Martindale had a famous ghost sighting of approximately 20 Roman soldiers from the knees up, marching right through the cellar of the Treasurer's house, where he was working. Later it was revealed the structure was built on an old Roman road.

Budd Hopkins - Alien Abductions - 2 types shared & private experience - Child abduction

Pure Science Specials - The World's First Time Machine

Friday, October 24, 2014

Oregon Police Seek Eyeless Man In Connection With Failed Child Abduction

The official police sketch reveals an eerie, eyeless man. The would-be 10 year-old victim fortunately was unharmed.

Oklahoma Witch Claims Meth Use Is Her Religious Right

An Oklahoma woman, and self-described Wiccan witch, claimed meth use was part of her religion after being arrested for drug paraphernalia. Her husband, who was also arrested, did not claim to be a witch. 

Keanu Reeves Reveals Childhood Ghost Sighting

Keanu Reeves recently revealed his own childhood ghost sighting.

Real Estate Company Releases Report On Best Cities For Zombies

Of course you can also say the report is also good for identifying cities humans should avoid during the zombie apocalypse.

Oklahoma "Satanic Pope" Still Making Headlines

The 15 minutes of fame isn't quite over for Oklahoma's self-styled "Satanic Pope".

UFO Discovered In 16th Century Painting

A woman discovered something interesting in a 16th century Romanian religious painting.

NeoPagans Embrace Iconic Witch Costumes

In a turn of events from the 1990s when most self-styled witches decried traditional witch costumes for Halloween, contemporary Pagans appear more relaxed over the issue.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Curses, Hexes, and the Magical Destruction of One's Enemies

Wiz Khalifa Sports "Courtney Killed Kurt" Shirt In Public

At a recent performance at Kennesaw State University, the artist sported a "Courtney Killed Kurt" shirt, a reference to the growing belief that Kurt Cobain was murdered by a hit man hired by his wife, Courtney Love, in order to obtain his wealth. The Cobains were divorcing and Kurt was in the process of drawing up a new will excluding Courtney when he died.

Tori Spelling Underwent Voodoo Animal Sacrifice Ritual

Tori Spelling has admitted she took part in a voodoo cleansing ceremony that entailed the sacrifice of a chicken and the sprinkling of it's blood upon her to cleanse her of negative energy.

Science And Occult Come Together For Voodoo Celebration

A recent voodoo festival in New Orleans combined concerns of the environment after the BP oil spill along with a traditional, New Orleans voodoo ceremony.

San Antonio Satanists Are Misunderstood

Members of the Satanic Temple of San Antonia claim the public is misinformed on their form of Satanism.

Satanism On The Rise In The South

A rehash of recent Satanic events in the Southern U.S.

Creepy Clowns On The Lose In Jacksonville

Strange, creepy clowns have been caught on surveillance cameras doing weird stuff in Jacksonville.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Alien Mysteries - Kecksburg UFO

Frankenstein: Birth Of A Monster

Alien Mysteries - Stephenville UFO

Alien Mysteries - Bentwaters UFO

Flying Humanoid Witnessed By Pilots And Passengers Of Airbus

The pilots and passengers of an Airbus reported seeing a flying humanoid. The entity flew within a 100 meters as the plane began to land at Manchester Airport.

The World's First Pumpkin Riot

A pumpkin festival in New Hampshire turned into a drunken, violent riot.

Man Granted Divorce From Wife Possessed By Djinn

A Dubai court has granted a man's request for divorce from his wife who he claims is possessed by a djinn. The woman refused to have sex with her husband and would only tell him to talk to her parents. After doing so the wife's parents admitted their daughter was possessed by a djinn and had been for some time.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Ariel School UFO Encounter - Ruwa, Zimbabwe

Ariel School UFO Documentary

Podcast UFO - Ariel School UFO Encounter

Witch Bottle Found By Archaeologists

A witch bottle dating from the 1700s has recently been found. The bottle is designed to ward off witchcraft and protect a person or family from being spelled.

7 Signs You May Be A Witch

Are you?

Mysterious Boom And Debris Picked Up On Radar In Louisiana

A mysterious boom was heard int he ArkLaTex area and now radar confirms there was a debris field.

Donald Trump Evicts Green Lady Ghost

The Menie House in Aberdeenshire has been renovated, ousting it's famous "Green Lady" ghost.

Friday, October 17, 2014

The LIP TV - I Sold My Soul To Satan

Ex-Gay, Christian, Sunday School Teacher/Warlock Arrested For Sexually Abusing Teen, Threatening Curses

An ex-gay Sunday School teacher in Kentucky has been arrested for the alleged sexual abuse of a 16 year old male teen. The victim claims the abuser said he came from a long line of warlocks and that he possessed the power to see his sins with just one touch. The victim also claims the abuser used threats of curses and witchcraft if he ever told anyone of the abuse.

UFO Hovers Over UFO Conference

Witnesses at a UFO conference in the UK were treated to a real, out-of-this-world treat.

Earth Magnetic Pole Flip Could Happen In Our Lifetimes

A news study indicates that the earth's magnetic pole flip could happen in our lifetimes.

Ghost Tramp Allegedly Behind Haunting At Boutique

The previous news that ghost may have shattered a glass cabinet and destroyed other items has been updated. A psychic was called in to the shop and it seems that the ghost of a local tramp is behind the mischief.

'Bewitched' Reboot May Be In The Works

Rumor is that a potential Bewitched reboot is being quietly shopped around. Several networks have allegedly shown interest.

'Ghostbusters 3' Will Feature All-Female Leads

The new Ghostbusters 3 will feature all-female ghost busters.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Higher Side Chats - Wereolves With Linda Godfrey

Paranormal Activities of Wisconsin

Fright Night Show - UFO Military Bases

The Farside - The Gray Alien Agenda

Kurt Cobain: Murder of an Icon (2014)

El Duce of the Mentors talks about Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love 8-30- 96 Before his Murder

Santeria And The Cult Of Maria Lionza Growing In Venezuela

Santeria and the spiritist religion of the Cult of Maria Lionza are growing in popularity in Venezuela.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

History of Halloween, Audiobok, Book of Helloween, Druid, Celt, Celtic, Myths, by Ruth Edna Kelley

Santa Zombie Breaks Into Home, Arrested

A drunk man dressed up as a zombified Santa Clause was arrested after he broke into a house and terrorized two teens.

Giant Crab Caught In Picture?

A picture taken in a harbor in the UK, may have caught an image of a 50 ft crab. Is it real? Is it a hoax? You decide.

Ghost Hunters Claim Sighting Of Crawling Ghost

A team of ghost hunters claimed to have sighted a spectral woman crawling on her hands and knees. It's believed the woman had a broken back in life.

Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved?

A new theory suggests that gas hydrate explosions are to blame for the missing ships and planes.

New Documentary Claims What Crashed In Roswell Was Nazi Experimental Craft

A new documentary proposes the theory that what crashed in Roswell was a secret Nazi experimental craft.

Sorry, I'm not buying it.

Mom Catches Spooky Image Of Ghost Face In Picture

A mother who took a picture of her children was shocked to discover a ghostly face was also captured on film.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

America s Scariest Halloween Attractions 3

America's Scariest Halloween Attractions 2

WITCHCRAFT ● OCCULT and ● SUPERSTITION – By Rabbi Michael Skobac, Jews for Judaism

Courtney Love's Father Claims Courtney Involved In Kurt Cobain's Death

Hank Harrison, the father of Courtney Love, has gone on record stating that he believes his daughter is responsible for the death of Kurt Cobain.

Rubin Report - UFO Filmed In Colorado

Christ Brown Tweets Conspiracy On Ebola

Chris Brown tweeted his opinion that Ebola is a part of a conspiracy for human population control.

Unidentified Falling Object Stumps NASA

Workers at a New Jersey treatment plant witnesses a mysterious square metal tile fall from the sky. The object landed some 25 feet from one witness. The tile resembles the tiles used on the space shuttle but NASA has ruled it out as belonging tho them. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Dyer, Moll

Moll Dyer is an alleged witch who, in legend, cursed the town of Leonardtown, MD.

Appearance: An elderly woman

Lore: According to lore, Moll Dyer was a woman who lived by herself in the woods and made a living by gathering wild medicinal herbs and selling them to residents of Leonardtown, MD.  There were always rumors and suspicions that Moll Dyer was a witch. The rumors seemed to have started after her neighbor's livestock all mysteriously died. However, it wasn't until the extremely harsh winter of 1697 that people began to whisper and accuse Moll Dyer of using her black magic to conjure up Winter storms and blizzards. The rumors gave way to hysteria. A local posse was formed. The group traveled to Moll Dyer's house in the woods and set fire to it in the middle of the night. Moll Dyer escaped and fled deep into the woods to escape the mob. Her body was discovered days later. She had died from the brutal cold. According to legend, Moll Dyer's body was found with one knee and one hand placed on a large stone and the other hand held into the air, as if she died in the middle of performing a curse. The legend states that Moll Dyer cursed the town with her last dying breath. It is claimed that the stone that she knelt upon had both the impression of her knee and her hand/fingers. The stone has since been moved to outside of the courthouse. It is claimed that anyone who touches the stone will be cursed. The spirit of Moll Dyer is believed to haunt the forest where she lived. Several car accidents in the area have been blamed on her spirit, which may appear in the form of a white dog.

Powers: Moll Dyer allegedly possessed the power to curse and cause bad Winter weather. As a spirit she is blamed for several car accidents in the area.

Defense Against Moll Dyer: Unknown. However, it would be prude not to touch her stone. Driving with some form of spiritual protection may be able to shield the occupants of the car from Moll Dyer's wrath and may be able to avoid car accidents near her property.

Trivia: According to legend, Moll Dyer was the inspiration behind The Blair Witch Project. However, the reality of this belief can not be confirmed. If this rumor is true then Molly Dyer is also responsible for the "found footage" genre, as The Blair Witch Project was the movie that set this craze in motion.

Vampire Skeleton Unearthed In Bulgaria

A skeleton with a stake through it's chest has been unearthed in Bulgaria. The skate through the heart indicates that people believed this corpse had the potential of rising from the grave and attacking the living.

Santeria Practitioners Come Out Of The Closet In Miami

Groups of Santeria practitioners are uniting to give a public front for the face of Santeria in Miami.

Bodies Found Buried On Property Of Satanist Named Pazuzu

A Satanist named Pazuzu has been arrested in North Carolina after two bodies were found buried on his property. His wife stands accused of helping him bury the remains.

Seven Accused Witches In Tanzania Hacked And Burned To Death

Seven people accused of witchcraft in Tanzania were hacked with machetes and burned to death by a mob of some 23 people.

Teenager Who Killed Homeless Man Claimed Victim Was A Werewolf

A teenager in Melbourne, Australia, who stabbed a homeless man to death believed he was fighting with werewolves.

Man Who Threatened Residents And Who Was Shot Claims Sister Was A Witch

A man who trespassed on the property of residents in Auburndale, FL, claimed that his sister was a witch and was burned at the stake on the property. The man, who had a large knife, was shot by a resident.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Fade To Black - Don Schmitt On The Roswell Crash

Cloaked Bigfoot?

13 Year Old Boy Killed In Muslim Animal Sacrifice Accident

A 13 year-old boy was killed when a sacrificial goat leapt from the roof of a building before it could be sacrificed. The goat landed on a 13 year old boy, killing both the boy and the goat.

Incidents Of Child Abuse Associated With Witchcraft In The UK Are Increasing

Cases of children being abused in do-it-yourself exorcisms and anti-witchcraft rites are on the rise in the UK.

Police Investigating Cattle Mutilation In Utah

Police are investigating the mutilation of three cows in Daggett County. The animals were not mutilated by any known predator. Previous cows were lost in the same manner last year.

Loren Coleman: New Show Will Stir Up Debate On Kill Vs. No Kill With Regard To Bigfoot

Loren Coleman, noted crypto expert and author, has weighed in on the new series, Killing Bigfoot, and claims it will once again stir up the debate on whether or not Bigfoot should be shot and killed in order to prove to science it's existence.

British Intelligence Agents Used "Satanic Panic" As A Psy-Op

A new study suggest that British intelligence agents used fear of satanism, witchcraft and cult activity as a psy-op in North Ireland in the early 1970s.

Note: I've pondered a similar thing, that the "satanic panic" in the U.S. from the later 1970s to the mid 1990s was also a result of a psy-op.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Colorado Police Report Multiple UFO Sightings, Leads To NORAD Investigation

Breckenridge, CO, Police sighted three unidentified flying object making highly unusual maneuvers in the sky. A NORAD spokesperson claimed they are investigating.

Top 10 Witchcraft Legends In The Midwest

Ten witchcraft legends in an area of the nation not normally known for such.

Skeleton Of "Witch Girl" Found

The grave of a teenage girl believed to have been a witch has been found. The body was buried upside down to counteract any evil the girl was thought to be able to perform, even after death.

Interview With An Occult Expert

Meet Marcus Quinones. He's an occult expert who works with police and other agencies world-wide to help identify remains of animal sacrifices and magical rites.

Grey Lady Ghost Caught On Film?

The image of a spectral figure has been caught on camera at Dudley castle.

New Scientific Study Suggests There Is Some Form Of Life After Death

The study, that took place over a 4 year span, concluded that there is some form of awareness in people who have been declared clinically dead.

Kansas Mother And Daughter Report White Bigfoot

Reports of a white colored Bigfoot are rare.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Contact In The Desert 2014 - Linda Moulton Howe

Meet The Holy Thugs

In Venezuela, the Santos Malandros, or "Holy Thugs", the spirits of criminals, are venerated for protection and the meeting of needs and desires.

See Also:

Jesus Malverde

New Cartoon Promotes Satanism, Abortion, and The Illuminati Agenda

Linda Moulton Howe - Crab/Scorpion Monster Mutilated Cow

Child Miners Pray To The Devil For Protection

In Bolivia, children who are forced to work as miners in the dangerous Cerro Rico mountain, pray to the Devil, referred to as  "El Tio", for protection.

Oklahoma Archbishop Performed Exorcism After Satanic Black Mass

Archbishop Paul S. Coakley performed an exorcism on the Civil Civic Center in downtown, Oklahoma City, after the recent Satanic black mass was held there.

More Ebola Zombies In The News

Friday, October 3, 2014

X22 Report - U.S. Government & CDC Are Not Disclosing Everything About Ebola

TRUNEWS 10/2/14: Nathan Leal - Is Ebola Out Of Control??

The Savage Nation - Ebola - October 2, 2014

The Savage Nation - Ebola - October 1, 2014

The Savage Nation - Ebola - September 30, 2014

1:06:12 is when the Ebola talk begins.

FOX News Host Fears Ebola Patients May Come To US To Seek Out Witch Doctors

A FOX news host shares her concern that people infected with Ebola may come to the U.S. and seek out witch doctors instead of going to a hospital.

The Bigfoot Whisperer

An Oklahoma man claims he knows how to find Bigfoot.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Oklahoma Woman Dressed As Witch Arrested For Abusing Child

An Oklahoma woman who was arrested for child abuse is accused of dressing as "Nelda the Witch" and abusing a child with a whip, beating her, burning her, and hanging her from rafters.

Disappearing House May Have Been Landed UFO

Back on 2012, a couple in Sierra Vista, AZ, saw an rectangular structure off of a road and in a field. At the time he assumed it was a home or other building. When they later realized the structure was gone the couple then pondered if it could have been a landed UFO.

Dracula's Dungeon May Have Been Discovered

Secret dungeons have been discovered under Tokat castle in Turkey. The dungeons may have been used by Vlad the Impaler to imprison his enemies.

Two Month Old Liberian Baby Allegedly Grows Into A Man Right Before Mother's Eyes

A Liberian mother claims her two month old baby began speaking to her and grew into and adult man in front of her eyes before running off.

Unfortunately, it appears this may be a lie in order to cover up the fact that the mother either killed the baby or that baby died from some other means.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Horse-Hung "Happy To See You" Devil Statue Removed From Vancouver Highway

The statue of the Devil with a massively satanic hard-on has been removed.

Kate Hudson Claims She And Her Celebrity Mom See Dead People

Kate Hudson claims she and her mother, Goldie Hawn, have the ability to see and communicate with spirits of dead people.

Couple Claims Microwave Is Possessed

The door opens by itself. It turns itself on. Eerie flashes of blue light and sparks. The microwave is possessed!

Woman Claims Moved 7 Times To Avoid Panty Stealing Ghost

A woman claimed she had to move 7 times to try to avoid a ghost that would steal her panties and even use the shower.

Nicholas Cage Bought Notorious LaLaurie Mansion In New Orleans

He hoped it would inspire him to write a horror novel. I'm assuming he no longer owns the mansion. The LaLaurie mansion is the same mansion featured in last season of American Horror Story: Coven. It was the location of a serious of horrible slave abuses and murders carried out by Madame Delphine LaLaurie.

Human Skull Dropped Off At Goodwill Store In Texas

Police are investigation a human skull that was dropped off as a charitable donation to a Goodwill store in Austin, TX. The owner of the skull appears to have died at least two years ago.

Homophobic Monk May Be Figment Of Imagination

Reports of a monk leaving homophobic pamphlets may not be true. At least one man is suggesting that the monk is a phantom and doesn't actually exist.

Mysterious Lights Seen After Napa Earthquake

Bay area residents report strange flashes of light after earthquake.

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