Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Zombie Apocalypse Has Begun - First Reported Case Of Ebola Confirmed In Texas

Edinburg UFO Conference 2014 - The Truth Behind Roswell

Disclosure Media Network - The Real Area 51 With Tom Carey And Don Schmitt

Del Rio UFO Festival 2014 - Stan Friedman

Let He Who Is With Sin Cast Many Stones

Tales of invisible, demonic stone-throwers are told in the following article. One such incident even led to a witch hunt.


Satanist Recounts Horrific Murder/Suicide Pact

The twisted thoughts and actions of a Satanist are recounted when he confesses to the brutal slaying of two women and of his failed suicide attempt.


OMG! Werewolf Cat!

Meet the werewolf cat.


Cosmic Whistleblowers - The Last Roswell Witnesses

Monday, September 29, 2014

Podcast UFO - Bruce Maccabee On FBI-CIA UFO Connection

Andy Kaufman Faked His Death Claims Friend With New Book

Bob Zmuda, friend of Kaufman and author, claims that Kaufman faked his death and planned on returning circa 30 years later.


London Chef Creates Burger That Tastes Like Human Flesh

How do they know what human flesh tastes like?


Witch Finger Grapes

A new, elongated form of grapes have been created. They are called, "witch fingers".


American Supernatural

New paranormal series premieres October, 5, 2014, at 9 PM CST on The Weather Channel.

Indian Girl May Be Victim Of Spontaneous Human Combustion

The young girl went outside to relieve herself when nearby people were alerted by her screams. The young girls was up in flames with seemingly no explanation as to why.


Woman Feared Buried Alive In Greece

A woman who was pronounced dead and quickly buried is believed to have been buried alive. Witnesses claimed to have heard muffled noises. By the time rescuers could reach her over an hour had passed and she was officially dead.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Lies And Deception: UFOs And The Secret Agenda (2009)


The Wake Up Call 2: UFOs, ETs, Abductees And Brilliant Minds (2008)


Ex-Gay Porn Star Claims Gay Men Who Have Anal Sex Give Birth To Demons/The Devil

A former gay porn star who now claims to be ex-gay after becoming a Christian claims that not only did he have to have his anus surgically repaired but that when gay men have anal sex they unknowingly give birth to demons and/or the Devil.


Ghana Athlete Denies Claim He Sacrificed Friend To Enhance His Career

Asamoah Gyan denies claim that he performed human sacrifice by killing his friend in order to achieve financial prosperity and success in his career.


British Museum's New Exhibit On Witchcraft

An introduction to the British Museum's new exhibit on witchcraft.


American Monsters That Need Their Own Films

This article is a run down of four American monsters that the author believes need their own films. I guess the author doesn't watch a lot of horror movies because half of the monsters she lists have multiple movies about them.


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The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp

Pope Lick Monster

Enhancement Of Patterson-Gimlin Footage Reveals Bigfoot's Bottom Foot And Toes

This is incredibly news. A new enhancement of a from from the infamous Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot footage reveals the underside of the female Bigfoot's foot. Her toes are clearly visible. This can be viewed as evidence that the footage is indeed real and not fake. Extremely complex suits of this nature were simply not available in 1967 when the footage was filmed.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Satanic World explained

Indian Witch Hunt

The Evolution Of Witches

BBC investigates the "Witches and Wicked Bodies" exhibit at the British Museum in London to discover the evolution of the witch.


Police Capture "Walking Ghost" On Camera

Police in Espanola, NM, have caught what appears to be the image of a ghost walking in a secured area. The phantom appears to have legs and performs a typical "walking movement".


Rise Of The Ebola Zombies

Villagers claim that two women who died of Ebola have resurrected. Is this how the zombie apocalypse starts?


Woman Claims "Vampire Attack" Caused By Premenstrual Tension

A woman who attacked and bit the face of her boyfriend's sister is now blaming the attack on premenstrual tension.


Persecution of Male Witches On The Rise In Papa New Guinea

A noted anthropologist claims that attacks against men accused of witchcraft is rising in Papa New Guinea.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Explore - Salem Witch Hunt

Meet Marizel Almirall, A Honest To Goodness, Witch

Meet a witch who's not afraid to come out of the broom closet. And she's not Wiccan, either.


UFOs and Aliens with Stanton Friedman

The Animated Adventures Of Buffy

In New Orleans, Voodoo Practitioners Hide in Plain Sight

Bigfoot In Jacksonville, MS

Bigfoot in the woods and Bigfoot in an abandoned playground. He's out there.....maybe.

New Mexican Inmate Sues For Allegedly Violation Of His Right To Practice His Satanic Religion

Bernard Pritchard is suing the state of New Mexico for monetary compensation over his accusations that he was prevented from worship in his chosen religion, Satanism.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

UFO Chronicles: Contact With Aliens (2013)


UFO Chronicles: Alien Science And Spirituality (2013)


Abducted By Aliens: UFO Encounters Of The 4th Kind (2013)


Mysterious Stone Reading '2014' Added To Controversial Georgia Guidestones Monument

An unknown person has added a stone to the Georgia Guidestones monument that bears the year 2014. The meaning or significance of such date remains unknown.

The Georgia Guidestones monument remains controversial as it promotes the belief in human population control, a one-world government and a one-world language, among other things.


All About Joan River's Voodoo Spiritual Guru

Meet Sallie Ann Glassman. She's a Voodoo priestess and was the personal spiritual guru of Joan Rivers. Rivers hired her to rid her haunted apartment of it's ghosts and she was so pleased that the two struck up a relationship that last the rest of Rivers' life.


Indian Court Bans Animal Sacrifice, Gods Will Meet In Conclave To Decree Their Wishes

An Indian court has ruled that animal sacrifice on temple grounds is barbaric and has banned the practice.  The gods will meet in conclave and communicate their wishes via oracles as to whether or not they agree with the ruling.



Kansas Governor To Declare October As "Zombie Preparedness Month"

Governor Sam Brownback will sign the proclamation on Friday, September the 26th.


Monday, September 22, 2014

30 Odd Minutes - Witchcraft

30 Odd Minutes - Demon Street USA

30 Odd Minutes - American Monsters With Linda Godfrey

UFO Sculpture Installed At Rendlesham

A new UFO sculpture will be installed at Rendlesham to mark the site of an alleged UFO landing.


Black Mass A Bit Of A Let Down

Only about half of the people who purchased tickets to attend the black mass in downtown Oklahoma City showed. However, the protestors were in full force, complete with a competing normal mass.



Today Is The Anniversary Of The Last Of The Witch Hangings In Salem

On this day back inn 1692 the last of the accused witches in Salem were executed.


UFO Caught On Sky Cam

Friday, September 19, 2014

Arcane Radio - American Monsters With Linda Godfrey


Monster X Radio1 - American Monsters With Linda Godfrey


Mysterious Universe - UFOs For The 21st Century Mind With Richard Dolan


Mysterious Universe - Stalking The Heard With Chris O'Brien


Ghost Shatters Glass Cabinet Door Caught On Film

Employees of the Barnsley Auction House were quite upset when they thought a burglar had destroyed a glass cabinet until they watched the surveillance footage.


Zombie Chia Pet


Not too thrilled with it. They needed to include a headstone if they were going to use that look. Or they could have just done a zombie head.

Killing Bigfoot (2014)

Premieres October 17, 2014, on Destination America.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Jim Harold - Haunted Rock-N-Roll


Jim Harold - The Demon Of Brownsville Road


Jim Harold - Whitley Strieber


Jim Harold - The Rendlesham Deception


Mysterious Universe - 9/13/2014 - American Monsters with Linda Godfrey


Satanist Want To Distribute Satanic Coloring Book To Kids

Satanists are planning on distributing a Satanic coloring book to kids in Orange County, FL, in protest of religious material being allowed to be distributed.


More Vampires Reported In Britain Than In Transylvania

A new study documented 211 reports of vampires in Britain over the past 100 years. Compare that with only 8 reported vampires in Transylvania.

http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/400270/Britain-has-higher-vampire-sightings Transylvania

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Podcast UFO - Stanton T. Friedman is Back!

Podcast UFO - Paul & Ben Eno, on UFOS & Rendelsham Forest

Hot Topics Radio - Black Magic, Voodoo & Hoodoo: Is It Real?


Peter Gilmore High Priest of the Church of Satan Interview

The JFK Conspiracy (1992)

Utah Police Report UFO Sighting -- ACTUAL RECORDING

Nature Of Reality - Stanton Friedman-UFO's and Aliens ain't a Joke!

Painful Deceptions

Monday, September 15, 2014

Joan Rivers Was A Huge Fan Of The Witches

The late comedian made several visits to the Salem Witch Museum and dropped a lot of dough at the gift shop over the years. Was she family? ;)


Satanic Cults Fight Over Politics

Various Satanic groups across the nation are at war with one another over politics. The divergent groups are at odds with one another over various religious (or lack there of) points, including magic and animal sacrifice. At stake is who gets to use the title of "Satanist". Remember that phrase about the three things you should never talk about with people...money, religion and politics.


Oklahoma "Black Mass" Sold Out

All tickets for the black mass that will be held on September 21, 2014, in downtown Oklahoma City have been sold. The satanic event will proceed despite Christian protests.


Satanic Temple Expands Across U.S.

The Satanic Temple will be opening 15 new chapters across the U.S.


Why Do People Fear Satanism?

An article by Benjamin Radford on the seemingly paranoid fear of all things Satanic.


NASA Claims "Oops! We Lost ALL Non-Redacted UFO Files!"

When John Greenwald Jr, petitioned NASA regarding it's non-redacted UFO files the response he got was that all copies of non-redacted files have been accidentally lost. Right.


Duende Caught On Camera?

Friday, September 12, 2014

Night Fright Show - Alien Moon Bases

Night Fright Show - Ghost Hunters

Night Fright Show - History Of Secret Societies

Night Fright Show - Roman Catholic Exorcism

Night Fright Show - Last Word On The JFK Assassination

Night Fright Show - Bigfoot

Night Fright Show - Bridgeport Poltergeist

UFOs Over Houston, TX

UFO in TV news about the fire in West Kelowna, BC, Canada 17 July 2014

The Mysterious Blue Pickets

"Voodoo" Thriving In New Orleans Post-Katrina

An article on the alleged revival of so-called "Voodoo" in New Orleans.


Decapitated Goats, Chickens And Other Dead Animals Found All Across Westchester, NY

Numerous carcasses of animal sacrifices have been found strewn all over Westchester county, NY, since July 21.


Cow Tongue Spell Found On Florida Town Railway Tracks

A cow tongue stuck with nails was discovered on a railway track in Indian River, FL.


Note: This is a very popular spell to silence an enemy. The cow's tongue represents the tongue of the enemy. It is used to stop gossip, slander as well as to stop people testifying against one in court. This spell is not unique to Santeria and may not be associated with it.

The Narco Saints And Santa Muerte

An article on the growing popularity of Santa Muerte with regards to drug dealers.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Oklahoma Governor Condemns Satanic Black Mass, Want Satanic Cult To Back Out

Oklahoma governor, Mary Fallin, has recently and publicly condemned the Satanic cult that wishes to hold a black mass in downtown, Oklahoma City on September 21. Fallin is calling for the cult to back out of and cancel their plans of holding the service. This may be the first time in history that a governor has publicly addressed the subject of a Satanic cult and a black mass.


Satanic Cult Opens Chapter In Detroit

The Satanic Temple has opened a chapter in Detroit and claims they are a peaceful group that does not engage in the various nefarious activities to which Satanists are usually accused of taking part in.


Woman Claims Demon Resides In Spare Bedroom, Attacks Her Frequently

Lorna McDonald claims that a demon lives in a spare bedroom in her house and resorts to physically attacking her and destroying items.


"Witch Tea Party" Protest Demands Justice For Three Executed Witches

Thousands of stereotypical-bedecked witches gathered in Devon to demand justice for three woman executed as witches back in the 17th century.


Woman Claims A Ghost Named Mark Tries To Have Sex With Her

The Rawson family is typical save for one small difference. Deborah Rawson claims their home is haunted by a good looking ghost named Mark who is constantly trying to have sex with her.


Woman Claims Molested By Ghost

Lorna Bowers claims to have been sexually groped by a disembodied entity in her home on numerous occasions.


Woman Breaks Into House And Bite's Woman's Face, Claims It's A Zombie Game

Jessica Rocha allegedly broke into a house, pushed the owner down a flight of stairs, then attacked her by pulling her hair and biting her on the face while claiming she was playing a zombie game.


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Teen Obsessed With Slender Man Burns Down House

A 14 year-old girl who was allegedly obsessed with Slender Man allegedly burned  down her house, almost killing her family. After allegedly setting the fire the teen then went to a local park and fell asleep. She later texted her mother and apologized and asked if anyone was hurt.


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Slender Man

Friday, September 5, 2014

Woman Killed By Falling Gargoyle

A 34 year-old mother of two was killed when a gargoyle and other debris fell off of an historic church in Chicago, IL.


NIght Fright Show - UFO Aliens true stories

Night Fright Show - Vampire

Night Fright Show - UFO Nuclear Missiles shut down

Night Fright Show - Haunted House

Night Fright Show - Kinights Templar Holy Grail France Rennes le Chateau

Night Fright Show - Secret Socities Conspiracy New World Order

Night Fright Show - Kennedy asassination Lee Harvey Oswald video conspiracy CIA FBI

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