Monday, May 19, 2014

Stupid Club (1994)

This is a short documentary that was filmed in 1994 shortly after Kurt Cobain's death. The documentary was made at a time when most people just accepted that Kurt had killed himself. The title of the documentary comes from a statement that Kurt's mother, Wendy, claimed she told Kurt, i.e "I told him not to go and join that stupid club", a reference to the 27 Club, the group of rockers who have died at the young age of 27. The only problem is that Kurt was estranged form his mother for years from before he became famous up until his death. In my opinion Wendy lied. Kurt didn't want anything to do with her and she was not a part of his life. I honestly despise Wendy. Wendy was in my opinion a shitty mother and to make things worse she has the power to release Kurt's autopsy findings. There are three people alive today who could release Kurt Cobain's autopsy report. Those people are Donald Cobain, Wendy, and Courtney Love. Donald is Kurt's biological father who abandoned Kurt as a child. Donald wanted nothing to do with his son when he was alive and wants nothing to do with his son after his death. Courtney Love was tape recorded saying she would release the autopsy report but has never done so. Wendy likewise has the power to release it but refuses. So I have very low opinions of Wendy. Not only do I blame her for fucking up Kurt's life but even 20 years she refuses to act like a normal mother. A normal mother would have rushed out to release it just to be absolutely 100% sure that her son wasn't murdered. Not Wendy. She could seemingly care less. It's no wonder why Kurt didn't want anything to do with his bio mom.


Anonymous said...

This is amazing! First, the Sonic Youth song is erroneously credited as "KC" - its actually called "JC", and is a very beautiful but sad song that screams internal pain and loss (its about Joe Cole who was murdered around 1993). I agree with the older kids there - it became about rebellion, and not mourning. But then, how much pain could most of them really feel? I thought their taunting the police was a disgusting display (but I don't know what the police were doing with that one bleached blonde kid). The music to this was good - i miss that morose, off-key quality that was sort of consistent in Seattle bands at the time. I thought the one Screaming Trees album was almost perfect - their "Shadow of the Season" is in this film. Thanks for posting this - what a great little piece of rock history.

Anonymous said...

oh, and i LOVE Sonic Youth to death. not all their stuff is feedback and dissonance, although some songs with those effects are quite good (like "Disappearer").

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