Monday, May 19, 2014

SPD Suppressed Note Written By Kurt Cobain For 20 Years. Sure. There's No Cover-Up!

The Seattle Police Department has released a note that it sat on for 20 years. The note was written by Kurt Cobain and was found in his wallet at the death scene. In the note Kurt calls Courtney Love a bitch and refers to her whoring around. The SPD has come under much scrutiny over the years for their alleged controversial handling of the Kurt Cobain death investigation. Some have accused the SPD of actively covering up their own incompetency and or actively protecting Courtney Love.

There is absolutely no reason why this note shouldn't have been released in 1994. If this isn't a huge neon sign that the SPD is involved in a cover-up. The cover-up of this note served only to protect Courtney Love and to further push the myth that she and Kurt were a loving couple.

***UPDATE: Courtney Love is now claiming she wrote the note. She claims it was a joke. It still doesn't matter. The fact that the SPD sat on it for 20 years is still proof of their incompetence/cover-up. There was no reason why they sat on this note for 20 years and there was no reason why they waited 20 years to develop the official crime scene pictures.

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