Monday, May 19, 2014

Soaked In Bleach (2014)

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After 20 long years it's time the truth about Kurt Cobain being murdered be able to reach the public. Kurt did not kill himself. He was murdered. The person with the motivation for having Kurt killed was his wife, Courtney Love. The motivation for the murder was the oldest motivation in the book, $MONEY$.

It's important to know that Det. Micahel Ciensynski, the official spokesperson for the Seattle Police Department, wrote in an email that his contacts in the industry said this movie would never be distributed. Det. Ciensynski wrote such out of fear. He knows good and well that when this shit hits the fan that his career and reputation, as well as multiple other people in the SPD, will be ruined. Unfortunately the biggest obstacle for getting justice for Kurt is the Seattle Police Department at this time. Time after time the SPD has acted to cover up their own incompetency and to protect Courtney Love. If their careers and reputations are destroyed then so be it. They made their beds and they can lie in them.

To read P.I. Tom Grant's response to the email from Det. Ciensynski, click the link below.

To read my time line on the strange events surrounding Kurt's death, click the link below.


Anonymous said...*

wow - will this be fictional, though? or is it a documentary? I don't know what to think, because who knows if people are trying to profit from the deceased, as they do to Michael Jackson? I don't want it to become a circus, a la TMZ or the like. I would definitely see it, though. I do recommend to anyone reading this to see "Hit so Hard", which is about the drummer from Hole. Courtney was such a #$%^ at times to people.

DocConjure said...

@ Anonymous at 12:35 PM on May 20,

No, it's not fictional. It's non-fiction. Kurt was murdered. Courtney Love hired P.I. Tom Grant to find her allegedly missing husband. Over the course of his investigation he determined that Kurt was never missing and he concluded that Courtney Love and the male nanny, Michael "Cali" DeWitt, conspired to murder Kurt Cobain. The motive was $Money$.

Read my timeline that I gave in the blog post. That will prepare you for the movie.

Anonymous said...

oh, trust me - I know EVERYTHING about this whole story thanks to being a regular reader of this fantastic blog! it was maybe a little more than a year ago when my mind was blown with the first wave of 'the death of kurt' themed videos and postings.
i wonder what Cali DeWitt is doing now, actually, as well as Melissa and that guy (his name escapes me now - which is strange since i think he was a wonderful music writer)...those two kids from Hole. And, Patty, too. I hope she's chilling and happy with her girlfriend, in a life of peace.

Anonymous said...

I actually watched the whole thing now (earlier, at work, I braved just watching about 20 seconds).....W O W! I can't believe this is happening. Is Courtney truly effed???? I am almost ashamed that this excited me, as if its a morbid fascination with the story, more than just obtaining justice for a murdered man who finally surmounted a host of personal demons, and found new life with the care of his offspring. This WILL be promoted by me....oh, and: Cyril Wecht is a great man, known internationally for his experience; Courtney looked very beautiful on the Stern show (I heard that show on its original airing), and I really, really hope that Melissa and Eric are tapped for some exposure and dialogue in this film/documentary.

RIP to Kurt, and all others who struggled to find some amount of happiness in their life despite an abusive spouse...abusive in any form, either with words, physical torture, or mental torture.

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