Thursday, May 15, 2014

Oklahoma Lucky Star Casino Bigfoot Footage

In 2002 a 10 ft tall, Bigfoot-like creature was allegedly caught on surveillance camera at a Lucky Star casino in Oklahoma. The video reportedly showed a large, upright, black, hairy humanoid weighing approximately 700-800 pounds, digging in a grease trap and/or dumpster in the back of the casino. There was also a strange green glow about the head of the monster that some speculate was a result of eye-shine, or light reflecting off of the back of the eyes. Multiple people, including casino employees, claimed to have seen the footage. When word leaked about the video to the media several horses on Indian land were shot and killed. It is believed the horses were killed by people who mistook them for Bigfoot at night. The Cheyenne and Arapaho elders decided not to release the tape in order to protect Bigfoot from hunters as they believed the creature was sacred. In fact, it is now claimed the elders had the tape destroyed. There are rumors that a good number of copies were made of the tape. It's also rumored that Matt Moneymaker of BFRO (Bigfoot Field Research Organization) had purchased the tape from the tribe at the cost of $29,000. As far as any investigation went, it's alleged that footprints were found  and at least one woman  claimed that government officials showed up at the scene. A reconstruction of the alleged video was made for Outdoor Life Network's Mysterious Encounters program.

For detailed interviews with witnesses and other information on the case, listen to the program at the link below.

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