Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hollywood drive-by Shooting Hoax

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Anonymous said...

Two pot smoking idiots that gave up on life, telling people how this is some "new hoax". This is exactly what I find in the shooter - American pompousness. No, the guns weren't the problem - it was the shooter's arrogance and heightened sense of self-importance. These two narrators are the same way. They have clearly confused tens of thousands of television and movie experiences with real life. Its a fascinating phenomenon, and it's scary to think how pervasive this mental illness throughout society. Wait - WWII. Was THAT a hoax too? How can anyone even prove it happened? What about the stock market plunges of the last couple decades...set up by the big banks to enslave? By the way, those FEMA camps people were screaming about back in 2006...I guess the martial law and enslavement program had been delayed for 8 years now.

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