Monday, May 12, 2014

Big Muddy Monster

Big Muddy Monster is the name of a Bigfoot-like creature that was reported in Murphysboro, IL, for a period of a few weeks in 1973. The creature gets it's name for it's first appearance near the Big Muddy River. The creature was described as between 7-9ft tall, weighing between 300-400 pounds, and being covered in mud and river slime. What makes the sightings unusual, compared to other Bigfoot reports, is that the Big Muddy Monster was described as being covered in white hair or fur. Additionally, some witnesses claimed the monster had red, glowing eyes.


Anonymous said...

see the Nov 27, 2012 post:

a hoax?

DocConjure said...

@ Anonymous at 4:51 pm on May 19, 2014,

Hoaxes can never be truly ruled out in these types of sightings.

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