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Santa Barbara Shooting HOAX - CRIME SCENE MANIPULATED 100% PROOF!!

BUSTED!! Santa Barbara Police Audio Claims 2 SUSPECTS WITH GUNSHOT WOUNDS

Santa Barbara Shooting Hoax Blown WIDE OPEN: SMOKING GUN Evidence Crime Scene is a FARCE

Santa Barbara Shooting Hoax Questions Answered

80′s Punk Star Exene Cervenka of X's Claims Santa Barbara Shooting Was a Hoax

Sandy Hook Victim's Father Writes to Richard Martinez: 'You Are Not Alone'

Joe The Plumber: 'Your Dead Kids Don't Trump My Constitutional Rights' To Have Guns

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Santa Barbara False Flag PROOF! Multiple Shooters, Scripted Actors & The Janet Napolitano Connection

Elliot Rodger and The Hunger Games Connection = HOLLYWOOD MIND CONTROL!

Proof Glass arrived before police Santa Barbara Shooting Hoax

Santa Barbara Shooting Hoax - Crisis Actors Exposed - Lines Fed By Director Then Smirks!


Elliot Rodger Still Alive Youtube Channel Altered Proof #HOAX

Elliot Rodger Is Still Alive Hoax #NotDead

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Boltzmann Brains

Boltzmann Brains are theoretical disembodied minds that may pop into existence due to quantum fluctuations. The theory can be hard to follow but basically it says that if given enough time and an infinitely expanding Universe that anything will happen. Since it's easier for the Universe to create a mind than it would be for the Universe to create a new Big Bang and have matter evolve to the point where conscious creatures naturally evolve, then therefore the Universe should at some point create these disembodied minds. More importantly, these minds would become the dominant observers in the Universe and would outnumber any other kind of mind.

It is highly unlikely that such minds exist today. However, toward the end of our Universe when the Universe is mostly nothing but a dark, black void with a thin soup of particles, it is possible for these minds to come into existence. These minds would come in all varieties. Some would be on a lower order than human minds. Some would be on an extremely advanced, god-like level. In fact, if God exists then it may be a Boltzmann Brain, having simply popped into existence out of nothing in between the creation of Universes. However, Boltzmann Brains are even stranger than I've detailed so far.

Given enough time anything is possible. Given infinity anything is guaranteed to happen an infinite number of times. This means that if Boltzmann Brains will exist at some point in the distant future then there will be Boltzmann Brains that have a perfect copy of your memories and experiences. In effect, you, I, and everyone who ever lived would be reincarnated as a one of these entities. There's only a minor drawback. Most of the entities would only exist for a very small length of time before they disappear back into the nothingness from which they came from. However, since anything is possible in infinities, some would at least be able to exist for a good deal of time.

Finally, I would like to propose a couple more bits of weirdness with regard to this subject. First, you might be a Boltzmann Brain. You might think you are reading my words while sitting at your computer in your home but you actually might be a disembodied mind floating through empty space. Everything that you see, hear, feel, touch and taste would simply be an illusion you created. The reason this may be true is that if Boltzmann Brains will exist someday then they would be the most dominant form of intelligence to have ever existed in the entire history of the Universe. Statistically, you and I would stand better chances of being Boltzmann Brains than of being real humans. Second, Some individuals believe that Boltzmann Brains existing in the Multiverse might be capable of interfering with our reality. In fact, some believe the Boltzmann Brains may have created our reality and even control it. The notion of "the gods" of the ancients might be correct.

Don't fret just yet. Right now scientists are trying to come up with a solution to the Boltzmann Brain paradox. If the Universe doesn't expand infinitely then that would most likely prevent Boltzmann Brains from forming. Some scientists also believe that the Higgs particle might actually end up destroying the Universe before Boltzmann Brains can form as well. However, the truth is that we just don't know at this point. So are you human or are you Boltzmann Brain?

Constantine (2014)

Paranormal Review Radio - Mothman Chronicles: The Real Truth

Rise Of The Machines

Future Humanoid Robots -From Fiction to Reality

Living Machines - The Rise Of The Robot

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Soaked In Bleach (2014)

Please show your support for the movie by liking and sharing it's Facebook page at the below link.

After 20 long years it's time the truth about Kurt Cobain being murdered be able to reach the public. Kurt did not kill himself. He was murdered. The person with the motivation for having Kurt killed was his wife, Courtney Love. The motivation for the murder was the oldest motivation in the book, $MONEY$.

It's important to know that Det. Micahel Ciensynski, the official spokesperson for the Seattle Police Department, wrote in an email that his contacts in the industry said this movie would never be distributed. Det. Ciensynski wrote such out of fear. He knows good and well that when this shit hits the fan that his career and reputation, as well as multiple other people in the SPD, will be ruined. Unfortunately the biggest obstacle for getting justice for Kurt is the Seattle Police Department at this time. Time after time the SPD has acted to cover up their own incompetency and to protect Courtney Love. If their careers and reputations are destroyed then so be it. They made their beds and they can lie in them.

To read P.I. Tom Grant's response to the email from Det. Ciensynski, click the link below.

To read my time line on the strange events surrounding Kurt's death, click the link below.

Tom Grant's Response To The SPD - The Murder Of Kurt Cobain

As my readers may know, recently the Seattle Police Department reopened the Kurt Cobain case and then slammed it back shut. They claimed they only did this to prepare for questions due to this year being the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death. In reality they were lying and this was a calculated move to fool journalists/media and the public. In the following video P.I. Tom Grant rips to shreds Det. Michael Ciensynski, the official spokesperson for the SPD, on his recent media interview where he once again talks nonsense and spouts untruths. Grant show that Det. Ciensynski basically admits that Kurt Cobain was murdered with the words and language he uses but that Ciensynski is just too stupid to realize it.

Stupid Club (1994)

This is a short documentary that was filmed in 1994 shortly after Kurt Cobain's death. The documentary was made at a time when most people just accepted that Kurt had killed himself. The title of the documentary comes from a statement that Kurt's mother, Wendy, claimed she told Kurt, i.e "I told him not to go and join that stupid club", a reference to the 27 Club, the group of rockers who have died at the young age of 27. The only problem is that Kurt was estranged form his mother for years from before he became famous up until his death. In my opinion Wendy lied. Kurt didn't want anything to do with her and she was not a part of his life. I honestly despise Wendy. Wendy was in my opinion a shitty mother and to make things worse she has the power to release Kurt's autopsy findings. There are three people alive today who could release Kurt Cobain's autopsy report. Those people are Donald Cobain, Wendy, and Courtney Love. Donald is Kurt's biological father who abandoned Kurt as a child. Donald wanted nothing to do with his son when he was alive and wants nothing to do with his son after his death. Courtney Love was tape recorded saying she would release the autopsy report but has never done so. Wendy likewise has the power to release it but refuses. So I have very low opinions of Wendy. Not only do I blame her for fucking up Kurt's life but even 20 years she refuses to act like a normal mother. A normal mother would have rushed out to release it just to be absolutely 100% sure that her son wasn't murdered. Not Wendy. She could seemingly care less. It's no wonder why Kurt didn't want anything to do with his bio mom.

SPD Suppressed Note Written By Kurt Cobain For 20 Years. Sure. There's No Cover-Up!

The Seattle Police Department has released a note that it sat on for 20 years. The note was written by Kurt Cobain and was found in his wallet at the death scene. In the note Kurt calls Courtney Love a bitch and refers to her whoring around. The SPD has come under much scrutiny over the years for their alleged controversial handling of the Kurt Cobain death investigation. Some have accused the SPD of actively covering up their own incompetency and or actively protecting Courtney Love.

There is absolutely no reason why this note shouldn't have been released in 1994. If this isn't a huge neon sign that the SPD is involved in a cover-up. The cover-up of this note served only to protect Courtney Love and to further push the myth that she and Kurt were a loving couple.

***UPDATE: Courtney Love is now claiming she wrote the note. She claims it was a joke. It still doesn't matter. The fact that the SPD sat on it for 20 years is still proof of their incompetence/cover-up. There was no reason why they sat on this note for 20 years and there was no reason why they waited 20 years to develop the official crime scene pictures.

Courtney Love Drops An Awkwardly Titled New Song While Her Father Accuses Her Of Murdering Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain Was Murdered - April 10, 1996

Kurt Cobain: Murdered

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Sykesville Monster

The Sykesville Monster is the name given to a reported Bigfoot-like creature that allegedly stalked Sykesville, Gaither and surrounding cities in Maryland in late 1972 through 1973. Further sightings were reported in 1981, 1993 and 1998. The creature was described as being a naked male, 7-8 ft tall, covered in dark brown fur, and having a very foul stench. Additional reports suggest the creature may have had it's lower body caked in mud. Several witnesses claimed the monster resembled representations of a more primitive form of man, such as a Neanderthal. Interestingly, prints from the alleged creature were examined by one Dr. Ted Roth who identified them as belonging to a very large, human foot, being 13 inches long and 7 inches wide. Some have suggested the creature was actually an escaped mental patient from the nearby Springfield State Hospital. What makes this case very unique is the claim of witnesses that an outright manhunt, with possible Fed involvement, was implemented in order to find and capture the beast. The Sykesville Monster was featured on a segment of the show, Monsters & Mysteries in America.

Criner Creature

The Criner Creature is a local name for a Bigfoot-like monster reported near the cities of Criner and Dibble in Southern McClain County, OK. It is alleged that there were so many sightings of a large, hairy monster that a university came and investigated the area back in the 1930s.

Just Energy Radio - Lizard Man

Celebrity Pathologist Calls Birttany Murphy's Death Highly Suspicious, Says Murder Can't Be Ruled Out

Dr. Cyril Wecht, famous and renowned pathologist, was contacted by Brittany Murphy's father, Angelo Bertolottti, and asked for his opinion on both Brittany's and her husband, Simon Monjack's death. Wecht was shocked at the level of metals found and has stated that murder can not be ruled out at this point. Brittany's father and the mother of Simon Mojack, both wish for the investigations of the deaths of their children to be opened and suspect foul play. Brittany Murphy's mother, Sharon Murphy, doesn't believe her daughter nor her husband were murdered and does not support the notion of reopening the investigation of their deaths. This should come as no surprise because if the couple was murdered then Sharon would be the prime suspect as she was allegedly living in the home with her daughter and son-in-law at the time of their deaths.

Pentagon Has Plans For Dealing With A Zombie Apocalypse

CNN obtained a DOD (Department of Defense) document concerning plans for a potential zombie apocalypse. The DOD claims the document is tool used for training.

Decapitated Chickens And Pigeons Found In Las Vegas

Someone has been disposing of decapitated chickens and pigeons on the streets of Las Vegas and in alleys behind businesses.

Teen Snaps Alleged Pic Of Michael Jackson's Ghost

Reece Savva, a 14 year-old Michael Jackson fan living in the UK, snapped a picture of what many believe is the ghost of the King of Pop.

Former County Commissioner Claims Demon Possessed Home

Bob Cranmer, former Allegheny County commissioner, claims the house he bought in 1988 was haunted, not by a ghost but by a demon.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Oklahoma Lucky Star Casino Bigfoot Footage

In 2002 a 10 ft tall, Bigfoot-like creature was allegedly caught on surveillance camera at a Lucky Star casino in Oklahoma. The video reportedly showed a large, upright, black, hairy humanoid weighing approximately 700-800 pounds, digging in a grease trap and/or dumpster in the back of the casino. There was also a strange green glow about the head of the monster that some speculate was a result of eye-shine, or light reflecting off of the back of the eyes. Multiple people, including casino employees, claimed to have seen the footage. When word leaked about the video to the media several horses on Indian land were shot and killed. It is believed the horses were killed by people who mistook them for Bigfoot at night. The Cheyenne and Arapaho elders decided not to release the tape in order to protect Bigfoot from hunters as they believed the creature was sacred. In fact, it is now claimed the elders had the tape destroyed. There are rumors that a good number of copies were made of the tape. It's also rumored that Matt Moneymaker of BFRO (Bigfoot Field Research Organization) had purchased the tape from the tribe at the cost of $29,000. As far as any investigation went, it's alleged that footprints were found  and at least one woman  claimed that government officials showed up at the scene. A reconstruction of the alleged video was made for Outdoor Life Network's Mysterious Encounters program.

For detailed interviews with witnesses and other information on the case, listen to the program at the link below.

Vici Sewer Man

The Vici Sewer Man is the name of an alleged foul smelling, Bigfoot-like creature that has been reported near the small town of Vici, OK. The creature is described as being covered in reddish fur. The monster gets it's name not because it lives in the sewer but because of it's horrible stench.

Dead Birds, Voodoo Doll And Other Items Found Outside Of Funeral Home

Someone placed a bag full of dead birds, a voodoo doll, some coins and a mass trap and left it near a funeral home near Gower's Funeral Home near Gilbert, PA, on Monday. Just two weeks previous a bag full of decapitated pigeons were found at Zion Lutheran Church located a few miles away.

Note: At first glance this has something to do with Voodoo or Santeria. However, that would be incorrect. This is more properly described as witchcraft. These animals were not killed in established rites of sacrifice per the rules of African Traditional Religions. Instead, the animals were killed as part of a spell or curse.

Santa Muerte In Arizona

An article on the growing rise of the veneration of the Angel of Death in Arizona.

Lycanthropy Is Not As Common As People Think

The delusion that one is transforming into an animal, otherwise referred to as Lycanthropy, is not at all common. In fact, only 56 cases have been documented since 1850.

Vampire Skeleton In Poland Unearthed

A 16th century grave was unearthed near the Kamian Pomorski area. The corpse had a large rock placed in it's mouth to prevent it from being able to feed on victims as well as had a stake driven through it's leg to keep it in the grave.

Brazilian Woman Lynched After Facebook Post Accusing Her Of Being A Witch

Thirty-three year-old Maria de Jesus of Sao Paulo was murdered by a mob of people after someone made a post accusing her of being a witch and of abducting local children.

Woodland Ghost Child Spooks Campers

A pair of young women in Bristol, UK, were spooked by the appearance of a ghost child they caught on film. The girls heard noises of people walking and at one point they claimed the ghost whistled at them back when one of the girls nervously tried to whistle.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Purcell Skunk Woman

The Purcell Skunk Woman is the local name for the foul-smelling, female Bigfoot-like creature that was sighted near Purcell, OK.

Orange Eyes

Orange Eyes is the name of an alleged Bigfoot-like creature that reportedly stalks the area of Charles Mill Lake Reservoir and the nearby Ruggles Road, near Mansfield, OH. The creature is described as being 11 ft tall and of weighing up to 1,000 lbs. The creature gets it's name from the color of it's eyes, which is said to be a distinctive orange color. The monster was first sighted by a group of people in 1963. An additional sighting was made in 1991 by a pair of men who were fishing in a nearby creek. It is believed by some locals that the beast once lived in a tunnel near a local cemetery. The tunnel was allegedly destroyed in construction work in the 1940s and 1960s. It is believed that the monster was forced to relocate to the wooded areas behind the Cleveland Zoo. Other locals believe the monster tales are nonsense and that the truth of the matter is that "Orange Eyes" is nothing more than a homeless man or even a hoax concocted by local teens. Interestingly, in 1959 another monster appeared to three teenage boys in the same area.

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Charles Mill Lake Monster

The Charles Mill Lake Monster is the name of an alleged monster that was reported around the area of the Charles Mill Resevoir near Mansfield, OH.

Appearance: The creature stood approximately 7 ft tall, had large green, glowing eyes, was arm-less and had large webbed feet.

Lore: On the night of March 28, 1959, three teens named Denny Patterson, Wayne Armstrong, and Michael Lane were messing around near Ruggles Road. As the trio walked they noticed a sound coming from the Charles Mill Lake Reservoir which lay just to the side off of the road. The trio turned to see a 7 ft tall creature rise from the water. They wasted no time in fleeing. The police investigated the area and found tracks similar to those made by a scuba diver's flippers. The creature was never spotted again.

Powers: Unknown.

Defense Against The Charles Mill Lake Monster: Unknown. No attacks on humans have been documented.

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Big Muddy Monster

Big Muddy Monster is the name of a Bigfoot-like creature that was reported in Murphysboro, IL, for a period of a few weeks in 1973. The creature gets it's name for it's first appearance near the Big Muddy River. The creature was described as between 7-9ft tall, weighing between 300-400 pounds, and being covered in mud and river slime. What makes the sightings unusual, compared to other Bigfoot reports, is that the Big Muddy Monster was described as being covered in white hair or fur. Additionally, some witnesses claimed the monster had red, glowing eyes.

Harvard To Host Satanic Black Mass Tonight

Harvard University will allow a Satanic group to carry out a black mass tonight.

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The Rake

The Rake is an alleged monster that attacks and kills humans.

Appearance: The Rake is described as a 6ft tall, gray-skinned humanoid with sparse hair, black, sunken or hollow eyes, large jaws capable of unhinging, peg-like teeth and large fingers and/or claws on it's hands. In some tellings of the story the Rake has an almost hairless canine look to it. For an image of the Rake, click HERE.

Lore: According to lore, people who accidentally sight the Rake are chosen to be it's next victims. During the first initial sighting, usually at night in out of the way places, the Rake will simply stare down the person. The person will be generally frightened but will recover when they return to the safety of their home. However, within a few nights the Rake will enter the home of the person and the unfortunate victim will awaken to see the monster staring at them from the foot of the bed. From that time on the Rake will make regular appearances. Eventually, the Rake will either outright kill and gut the victim with it's long claws and feast on the victim's internal organs or it will drive them mad. Those whom the Rake does not outright kill will be driven insane and usually end up killing themselves. Sightings and encounters with the Rake have allegedly been reported since the 1800s. Several diary and journal entries have been found which documented the horrifying attacks of the creature. At least one person who committed suicide in the 1960s left a suicide note that mentioned the monster. Reports of sightings of the Rake have become popular online. The Rake was also featured on the show, Monsters & Mysteries In America. The segment featured Wayward Tattoo shop owner, Kerrie Fargiorgio, who recited her horrifying tale of sighting the Rake one night while out with her boyfriend in Eerie, PA. Fargiorgio claimed that after sneaking out of her dorm to smoke and make-out with her boyfriend that she saw the Rake in the distance. Fargiorgio claimed the Rake was about to attack when it was scared off by the Proctor who was out walking with his dog in search of students who were out after dark. Fargiorgio then claimed that the Rake entered her room and attempted to kill her as she slept. Lucky for Fargiorgio, her roommate awoke which seemed to scare off the creature. Fargiorgio's encounter is frightening but there's only one problem. The Rake is completely made up.

Fakelore: The Rake was invented starting in 2005 by people who specifically decided to brainstorm and invent a new monster. It began on the site 4chan as a thread with the title, "hey, lets /b/ make a new monster." The monster's appearance, characteristics, powers and behavior then slowly were created as people began to contribute to the thread. Even an elaborate back-story dating to the 1800s was invented. In 2006 tales of the creature began to be spread online and people began to believe it was a real monster. No sighting or attack of the Rake has ever occurred prior to it's invention in 2005. The Rake simply does not exist.

For similar monsters that never existed, see the following:

Slender Man

Shadow Man

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Skunk Ape

Skunk Ape, a.k.a. Swamp Ape, is the local name for Bigfoot in the state of Florida. The creature gets it's name from it's pungent body odor which is usually smelt in advance of a sighting. This foul smelling odor is not unique to the creatures in Florida but is a characteristic of most all reported Bigfoot-like creatures.

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Duendes are gnome-like beings found in the legends of Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Central and South America, as well as the Philippines. The word duende is Spanish for elf.

Appearance: Duendes are small, 18 in up to 3-4 ft tall, human-like beings. In many legends the duende has no thumbs, dresses in animal skins and furs and wears a strange, wide-brimmed hat. For an image of a duende, click HERE.

Lore: The legends of duendes vary from region to region. Some believe they are the souls of unbaptized infants. Duendes can be either good or bad, but the good ones are never truly good and the bad ones are never truly evil. This said duendes have a habit of tormenting people, usually those humans who have foolishly destroyed their homes or killed their animals. Sometimes trespassers are also targeted. With time this belief evolved into punishing naughty children who disobeyed their parents or who stayed out too late after sunset. Duendes are dedicated tricksters and delight in playing pranks on humans. They also love to steal from humans as well. Sometimes they return the objects they have stolen on their own. Other times one has to politely ask for the item back. It is believed that if one asks for the item back that the duende will return it. In modern times legends of evil duendes have become popular. Legends of duendes slaughtering animals, destroying property, and kidnapping and eating children abound. In 2008 reports of a duende terrorizing an Argentina town hit the media. An alleged film of a duende was recorded by a teenager named Jose Alverez in the city of Guemes. Alverez and his friends where recorded speaking when the camera pans to the distance to see something wearing a cone-shaped hat do a little dance. Alverez claimed that his friends and other residents of Guemes were so frightened of the duende that they refused to go outside after dark. The problem is that that video may be a hoax. In season 2, episode 5 of the series, Monsters & Mysteries in America, a segment of a family driven out of their Porterville, CA, home by a gnome was featured. Tammy Thomas and her grandchildren had moved into a new home. Unfortunately for them a duende was living in a small shack behind the home. The creature was described as a living garden gnome, standing about 3 ft tall, with a long gray beard and having evil black, beady eyes and sharp, pointed teeth. The duende would awaken the family at night by the noise of it running in the grass, rummaging through trash and breaking stuff. The duende would even peek in windows and frighten everyone. Eventually Tammy Thomas had enough of the creature and moved her family out of the home.  In 2010, a woman named Charlie Thomas and her family moved into the same house. Charlie and her family were not aware of the experiences that Tammy and her family had at the house. Charlie's family soon began reporting frightening encounters with the duende as well and they too eventually moved.

Powers: According to some legends, duendes may be able to shape-shift and make themselves invisible.

Defense Against Duendes: The lore about defending one's self against duendes or repelling duendes is contradictory. Many people claim that holy water and religious items have no effect on them. Other people claim that a rosary will keep them away. Since duendes are similar to the fairies of European lore, it is possible that iron may be useful, as fairies fear iron and will flee from it.

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Yowie is the most common name for Bigfoot used today among white people in Australia. The creatures were first called Yahoos by white settlers. One explanation for the word Yowie is that it is a corruption of the word Yahoo. Sightings of large, hairy, bipedal hominids in Australia date back to the 1800s, with at least one expert claiming a sighting as far back as the year 1795. However, the Indigenous people of Australia have legends of Bigfoot-like creatures going back centuries.


Yahoo is the oldest name for Bigfoot used among white people in Australia. The term Yahoo, as to describe a large, hairy, bipedal, unknown hominid, dates back in use to the mid-to-late 1800s. The name Yahoo itself means a person who is loud, strong and stupid.

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Ohio Grassman

Ohio Grassman is a Bigfoot-like monster that reportedly inhabits the grassland of Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio. Witnesses claim the creature is hairy, up to 7ft tall and only has three toes.

Green Clawed Beast/Ohio River Monster

The Green Clawed Beast/Ohio River Monster is a an alleged, clawed monster that attacked one Mrs. Darwin Johnson while she swam in the Ohio River in 1955.

Appearance: Unknown. The monster was never sighted. The witnessed described it as a clawed, hairy hand that grabbed her legs.

Lore: On August 14, 1955, near Evansville, Indiana, Mrs. Darwin Johnson and friends were traveling to swim in the nearby Ohio River when the group witnessed a UFO described as looking like the bottom of a bushel barrel. No one paid too much attention to the sighting and continued on in their activities. Shortly thereafter, and while swimming in the river, Mrs. Darwin Johnson claimed a hairy, clawed hand grabbed her leg. Johnson tried kicking at the unknown assailant but to no avail, and was only able to free herself after the monster had drug her under the water twice. Upon exiting the water, it was discovered Johnson had minor trauma to the her leg, complete with what looked like a green palm stain at the location the creature was said to have latched onto her.

Possible Connection To The Kelly-Hopkinsville Goblins: Johnson's experience happened approximately a week before the reported encounters of the Sutton family. When Johnson read of the Sutton's ordeal, she immediately drew parallels to her own experience and suggested the two encounters were linked.

Men In Black Encounter: According to investigator Terry Colvin, the Johnson's claimed they were visited by a man in black-type figure who introduced himself as an Air Force Colonel. The man interviewed the couple, taking down Mrs. Johnson's story and then afterwards, advised her to never speak of her encounter.

Powers: Strength

Defense Against The Green Clawed Beast/Ohio River Monster: Avoid swimming in the Ohio River. It should be stated that there have been no further reported sightings or attacks.

Green Clawed Beast

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Happy May Day!

Today is May Day, also referred to as Beltane. Today was celebrated in the past as the unofficial start of Summer and the warm, growing season. It's also one of the two "high-holy" days, the other being Samhain (Halloween), of Wicca and certain NeoPagan religions.

Wishing Everyone A Wonderful May Day! 

The Extraordinary E01

Telly Savalas helped by a ghost

Open Mind With Bill Jenkins

Open Mind with Bill Jenkins was a 1980s radio show that was similar to today's Coast to Coast AM. At the link below you will find many shows on various topics from Roswell and UFOs, to the NDE's, crystal skulls and conspiracies.

The Alan Handleman Show - Shadow Masters With Daniel Estulin

Larry King Live! - UFO Cover-Up - October 1, 1994

Paranormal & Beyond - Roswell Crash With Stanton Friedman

Signs Out Of Time (2004)

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