Saturday, April 12, 2014

Witch Hunt

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Anonymous said...

Amazing! This is a well-done, enjoyable, and stirring documentary on a horrifying time. (The one guy in court with the American accent is ridiculous, though. He couldn't be coached for ONE line of dialogue in a British accent?)
But I agree with the guy near the end - who is to say ANYONE of us wouldn't be in the throngs of the courtroom, yelling to hang a witch? It's all they knew in the context of their 17th Century lives.
But I wonder about the governor, who put an end to the special court. What were his thoughts? Did he think these people were hillbillies? Did he scoff at the notion of spectres and witches? It was madness! And I never heard of that guy Burroughs or the guy who died from having stones on his chest. Burroughs actually recited the Lord's Prayer? And the other - "put on more stones"? These men were heroic!

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