Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Van Meter Visitor

The Van Meter Visitor is an alleged flying, bat-like monster that plagued Van Meter, Iowa, for approximately one week starting on the night of September 29, 1903.

Appearance: A large, foul-smelling, bat-like humanoid with a horn on it's head that emitted a bright light. For an image of the Van Meter Visitor, click HERE.

Lore: According to legend, one Fall night in 1903 the creature arose from an abandoned mine shaft and began terrorizing the town of Van Meter, Iowa, for several nights. People reported seeing a large being with bat wings flying incredibly fast and leaving behind a wake of foul-smelling air. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the sightings was that the monster had a brilliant light that shown from a single horn on it's head. After being spotted several times and even having plaster casts made of the alleged beast, a local party of citizens was formed to try to deal with the matter in any way they could. The posse was able to drive back the creature, only to discover that the monster was seemingly sheltering an offspring. The monster and it's offspring then disappeared down a mine shaft and was never seen again.

Powers: Flight and the ability to emit light from a horn on the head of the creature.

Defense Against The Van Meter Visitor: The Van Meter Visitor is of little to no threat of harm. No attacks were reported. The monster may or may not have been sighted since 1903.

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