Friday, April 11, 2014

New Orleans Voodoo From Inside


Anonymous said...

this is a fascinating glimpse into an American subculture. it seems like a beautiful religion (voodoo). the only thing i take exception to is that it did not touch much on using voodoo for bad intentions! one woman said she would be rich if she worked her voodoo for a client with bad intentions...but there must be voodoo followers who succumb and use their faith for nefarious wishes. the same can be said for any religion followed by the human race! i would have liked if the documentary explored using voodoo for harm to someone, and looking at the repercussions of that, if there were any.

DocConjure said...

@ Anonymous,

New Orleans Voodoo is fake. It was invented by white people rather recently, say from the 50-70s. Then in the latter 70s white Voodoo shop owners and white Voodoo museum owners began to really promote this made up practice. Zora Neale Hurston traveled to New Orleans in the 40s and found no trace of Voodoo. Jelly Ferdinand Morton, said in an interview, (paraphrased), "What you white people call Voodoo, we blacks call hoodoo in New Orleans."

So if you traveled to New Orleans prior to the 1950s you would not find any trace of "Voodoo." What you would find is hoodoo and they are not the same thing.

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